Last Visit To the Grow Shop Before Leaving Spain

4 months ago


As I was mentioning that I am passing by the grow shop, I really did it just to see how wraps and roll papers are sold in Spain. I think roll papers are so universal that you will find that good brands are also represented anywhere in the world. And here in this grow shop and dispensary... is not an exception. The RAW products are represented as well as Juicy jays, Kingpin and OCD.


These are what I got from the shop, some Juicy jays and a Kingpin wrap. They are not expensive and prices start at 1 Euro/1.13 USD. It is nice to visit the shop because Diego, the shop owner knows me already and I always get some freebies of various seeds such as Atomika from Atomik Seeds and Kush from Seeds Bank everytime I drop-by. So hurray to my seed collection , I will be germinating the first seeds soon. I´ll be growing outdoor, so I´ll start with the seeds in the upcoming weeks, still too cold here though.


Some of the great reviews of the wraps and roll papers have been made already by @jackdub so I won´t be elaborating them in this post. All I can see is the roll papers are fine and thin and show that they are of good quality. Stoners who prefer the old school of rolling their joints can attest to their quality.



This is Diego, the grow shop and dispensary owner who agreed to make a pictorial with me...he said he´s going to join soon as he has the time. Well Diego... if you are reading this, register at the Smoke community as soon as possible!

Below are the various smoke tools, Bongs, pipes, etc that are available in the shop just in case you want to be inspired or get ideas which one to try-out for your next mj session.




Keep puffin´ for a high !!!

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How I wish to personally visit a place like this. How I wish to have a business like this? My sister need a medicinal Marijuana but it's illegal here in my place. @indaymers you are so lucky that you are living there. Keep high!


That´s the most outrageous thing when DU30 changed his mind about legalizing medicinal MJ. He seems to be undecided, fond of making jokes only so people could be entertained. Patients suffering from pain need this.

Good selection with your purchase, those are some tasty flavors - seeds too very nice. Stepson was telling me the red and blue juicy wraps use to have fruit names, but they were the tastiest and they decide they were appealing to kids, so they got the plain name and warning label. So the ones with the warning labels are the good ones to get lol.


Hahaha.... nice to know that! Thanks for the info :)

How did you enjoy your time in Spain?


Hello @indica!
I enjoyed most of the 137 days stay ...but the weather was really unpredictable. This winter season had lots of stormy days that were really hurricane-like and it was really cold. It´s different when you live up in the mountain than in the coast because you feel the impact of the storm. But after each rain, the sun would shine and it was totally weird to have a changing temperature from cold to hot. We escape the cold winter in Vienna each year, but this season the weather did not meet our expectations...

I ´ve enjoyed going to the Grow Shop and got to know the owner... and I got free seeds (samples) all the time when I make a visit, hahaha. One of the best things I enjoyed was puffing a joint on my terrace on some fine afternoon days.. our terrace is facing the blue Med Sea, so it´s my ideal spot to smoke... that puts me to sleep for a couple of hours and then woke up hungry ( all the time, Lol!) and got me munchies!

Thanks for the generous support and upsmoke!

Good for ya, you have something to rolled up, sad for PH DU30 will not legalize MJ.


I'm not sure what show he wants to put-up...first making a joke that he 's smoking it and will legalize the medicinal..Now he's saying the other way around.

Those are some very cool pipe pieces he has there. I can see a few I could be interested in adding to my collection.


Yeah, they're real cool.. thanks.

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