Green Poison - First Bowl After Curing

6 months ago


The Green Poison Journey... how it started

Just a short story on how I got to grow the Green Poison .... I was planning to tour the famous Alhambra with a friend when I decided to visit a couple of grow shops there before I went to the hotel I booked . Granada is a mecca for cannabis growers because of its mountain ranges where farmers easily hide their plantations and of course its good climate.


Freebie Pack of 4 healthy seeds....

I phoned the owner of one grow shop and came to his shop, chatted with him and at the end of the conversation, I got a freebie package of 4 Green Poison seeds from Sweet Seeds. I germinated 2 of the 4 seeds in April last year and they grew tall to more than 2 meters high, then both plants were harvested last October, dried and cured. The curing had been long since I departed for Spain in October of last year, but a friend took care of the curing during my absence. It is in this long curing that the strain became so dank and smells so good.

Green poison granada.jpg

green poison buds.jpeg

Green poison  bud.jpeg

Green poison  nug.jpeg

Details of Green Poison stash

It is a great indica at 70%. I ´ve had a total harvest of about 70 grams . I´ve had the plants in containers and as far as I remember the flowering period took 8 weeks... then harvested sometime beginning of October.

green poison bowl.jpg

The nugs have plenty of resins and so sticky when they were harvested, THC is around 22%... it retained its green color even after months of storage. It has an exquisite sweet, a bit citrus and fruity and also with pine but intense aroma.

I was replanting the two newbies I got from the grow shop in pots when I decided to make a bowl. The first toke caused coughing but in the next ones, it became smooth causing numbness in the body and the feeling is relaxed especially the muscles. There is also a feeling of mild sedation, but one could still get focused on something....I even continued replanting the AK 47 in a pot and it made me feel happy after accomplishing the replanting task half hour after the sesh. I would recommend this anytime of the day and especially if one has an insomnia, an early evening toke would be just fine.

green poison toke.jpg
Have a great day and keep puffin´ for a high!

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My type of "poison" 😊 Love your setup 💚


Lol, me too! Thanks!

Love seeing great results. Toke on!


Thank you. I got it from your growing style! Indeed let´s toke on!

Looks @grooting! Great job:)


Indeed.... looking very @grooting! Thanks!

Now that's something to add in your ' "collections' again @indaymers! Just in time for self quarantining! Your hand is full taking care of your babies while avoiding the bad air outside. Good job again my friend. More puffs to you!

It looks yummy, I can almost image how that tastes from the photos.


Yes, it´s very yummy... glad I´ve grown this strain. Thanks!

That looks awesome and so tasty hahaha smoke on @indaymers

Thanks for sharing such accomplishment @indaymers! You really have that green thumb magic! Thanks for sharing dear. More puffs to you!


Thank you.