Nightime at State of the Art Dispensary Planet 13!!! (Pt 2)

in #review
6 months ago

This dispensary is so huge i had to split it up, so this time i went at night!!

They got a big huge red planet looking water fixture that sprays mist or turns into a fountain!

It reminds me of the Apple Store the way its all set up and the style of the design.


Im starting to see more and more of this which makes sense. Making Dispensaries go public gives some of the shareholders some power in which direction they want Planet 13 to go. Im curious to see what you guys think about this! The shares are sitting around $1.28 right now.

The smell bar features all the flowers in this type of case so you can open it up and take a whiff without the flower going stale. Pretty neat.

They display the items so plush. The wax is displayed with the terp profiles. They do alot of details to present the products.

Click on the banner above and look for "moonblocks" and click the upvote button!

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This place looks 2classy4me :(

Im curious to see what you guys think about this! The shares are sitting around $1.28 right now.

Yeah, if somebody thinks that planet 13 is unique or going to thrive then that could be smart. It's definitely a profitable industry when they can get the traffic, although they also don't control factors like the weed market, and legalization which god forbid could go south again, etc.

I definitely want to go just to check out their floor.

CANN is one that I had owned a small bit of back when it was a hilarious meme price of 4.20, and it looks like it had hit that recently again, everything is down presumably because of so-called president Troompf.
I mostly dollar cost average into different ETFs now.

All things may lose value. This is definitely not advice.


yeah gotta be careful always. I think we are in a big bubble right now especially weed stocks but i do want to do some more research on them now

Thanks for the tour of this crazy looking establishment, you should mention the smoke network to them to spread awareness 👍


yeah i go in there with the smoke tee on!! I need help on a pitch! lol

That establishment looks amazing. Las Vegas knows how to do it.


Yeah bro they are not playing around!

How I wish I could see these strains and by products in person. They look so lush in those glasses.


they are legit bro!

Thanks for sharing your find with us! I absolutely love how the smell table is set up! Las Vegas is stepping up their game i see!!


all the way up! thanks for checking it out!

That dispensary is huge - so nice too. It's nice to see most dispensaries around here are keeping it classy too. Good to see ya over here @heaterille, I just signed up last week :)


yooooo @jackdub good to see you here too man!!