My visit at Reef Dispensary!

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6 months ago

My visit at Reef Dispensary

Reef was the most popular dispensary when it went recreational in Vegas. Berner was promoting it like crazy so the hype was unreal. Lets take a look at Reef

They have two dispensaries. One in North Las Vegas then another one by the Strip. Im closer to the North Las Vegas location so i decided to come here since there isnt much of a difference

The jars come with a smell strip that allows you to smell before purchase which is a good thing because most stores dont

Here are some pics of some of the Merch they have on display

Overall the shop is pretty decent. I still like Planet 13 and Jardin just a little bit more.

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That looks dope dude! Love the name of the dispensary too, looks real high class. High prices too, I guess to pay for it all lol

Check out the cafeteria sized rolling tray - nice, lots of working room. The buds are a little pricier than up here, good they've got that one on sale. Nice looking show - I like how most bud stores keep it clean and classy.

Yeah the sign is nice! Take me back to Planet 13 =D