The first appearance of in a Spanish cannabis club by the hand of Dj Daniel Quiros

last year

Hello smokers, how are you?

I do not know if you remember that a few months ago I told you that I was going to give Daniel Quiros a pair of t-shirts with the logo of so that he could use them in his DJ sessions.

It is normal that you do not remember, so to do a bit of memory here is the publication that I did at the time: in Jam Sessions of Amsterdam and Barcelona by Dj Daniel Quiros

Good friends, I have to tell you that this delivery was made, it is more Daniel endorsed us to enter as partners in the Association Pitbull Verde, located in Torremolinos.

portada daniel quiros smokeio.jpg

In one of the hangouts we made in the association to try to open Daniel's account again, I handed him the shirts. Regarding Daniel's account we could not do anything because his phone number was already taken for the account he had created before. So we'll have to wait until I can use another number to create a new user.

Let's go to what we're going, to the point!

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Dj Daniel Quiros takes to Granada

That's right, our friend Daniel had a DJ session on March 15 at the Coffee Shop Club Private Association located in Granada, Spain.

The Dj as promised, used in his session one of the t-shirts that we had given him weeks before and also had the detail of taking some photographs that he has sent me so he can share them with all of you. Dj Daniel Quiros Cannabis Granada club private.jpg

Daniel has informed me that in the Cannabis associations of Granada and the Coffee Shop Club Private Association only admit and enroll new members one day a week, and these are on Fridays. In addition, something very positive that also commented to me is that in the Associations and Club of this city you do not have to pay any kind of fee.

It was the first time that thisprivate club held a live music session for its members and Daniel told me that everyone was very happy and they were very satisfied with the atmosphere created by the DJ. dj daniel quiros granada cannabis billar.jpg

"Daniel told me that while he was doing his session at his table he watched the panorama."

There were people who came in to sign up as new partners (since it was Friday). Other people came in to stock up and then those who stock up and stay within the association to pool, cards or just having a drink while enjoying an interesting talk and the best time of the day.

The experience as the Daniel account is very positive. In addition, the regent of the association told him that he liked how the afternoon had gone, the people were encouraged and wanted to stay longer after taking their substance. Therefore the offer to repeat again was presented and Dj Daniel Quiros will return to CoffeeShow Club Private to give them another good evening of live music.

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Well as you can see little by little we are spreading the name of Although on this occasion I did not have the opportunity to accompany Daniel to the session, I intend to go with him to other sessions that he will perform.

The idea is to inform the managers of the assosiations that deals with and how it works and if it is possible to offer talks to the partners about the Smoke Blockchain.


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VERY cool indeed and nicely done!

A wee tip: you could flip the images horizontally and get the writing straightened. Example below:


Very good that observation! I had not realized that detail. Thank you!

I light one up in this occasion!

Awesome @green-der :) resmoked


Thank you! :)

This is great news. The more people wear the logo and name the better. People will get intersted and perhaps ask questions. This is a great promotion of this site.


So is! and we will continue to find like-minded people who can talk about, Thanks!