Experiencing day 5 of Amsterdam: We ride a bike + We test Purple haze + trip of the magic truffles.

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¡Hola Smokers! Bienvenidos a penúltimo día de nuestra aventura en Ámsterdam.

How are you? We are already reaching the end of our journey. With this publication and one more I will have finished telling you about this great experience which I have loved sharing with all of you.
I have to thank you a thousand times, because there have been many who from the beginning have been here following this series of publications. 💚💚💚

The fifth day, that is Thursday, we already had planned what we were going to do from the beginning of the week. When we checked in at the hotel, they informed us that they had a bicycle rental service. Knowing that, we could not return without trying the most typical of Amsterdam, the transport by bicycle.

At ten in the morning we were pedaling. Since we had not visited any parks yet, we had thought it would be a great idea to ride a bicycle. That's how it was, because the parks are quite big.

We walked through the gardens of Riskmuseaum and from there we went to Vondelpark. A huge park, with very wide roads, where many people could be seen passing with bicycles. The vegetation of this place is also spectacular, huge trees cover the roads as if it were a roof.

After making a stop at a cafeteria in the park, we went back to riding bicycles and pedaling. Not far away was the Rembrandt park. So since we were already involved in the task we also went to retrieve it with the bicycle. This park is also nice, but they have to be doing some kind of remodeling because there was construction material in some point of the park.

~Purple Haze~

It was about one o'clock in the afternoon when we began to feel like entering somewhere to protect ourselves from the cold and also to smoke something. Not far away was the well-known SuperSkunk coffeeshop. This is where more varieties we had bought and we wanted to try something else.

This sativa variety draws much attention for its peculiar purple color. It had gotten into my head that I had to try ****marijuana that was not green. So we bought a gram of Purple haze and sat down at one of the tables. What I liked the most about this variety was its mixture of flavors, sweet and spicy. Its effect was powerful, I thought that after smoking I would not be able to take the bike, but, quite the contrary, I was quite comfortable after those puffs. What I liked least about this variety was that it had too many branches and when grinding it felt like it creaked.

When we finished smoking we put on our coats and again went on bicycles, this time to look for something to eat. We were on Vijzelgracht, a large avenue where we saw that there were different shops, including restaurants and the coffeeshop Mellow Yellow, now closed.

We entered a cofe called Myrabelle. We found it a very homely and cozy place. The lady regent was very kind to us.

We asked to share a salad with chicken, corn, guacamole, different leaves of lettuce, natural tomato and vinaigrette. We also caught the attention of thetypical tomato soup, so we tried it and it is something that is tremendously delicious. You could eat by spoonfuls or dipping the bread.

My mouth wanes just remembering it. 🤤

To complete the lunch we ordered a ham sandwich with lettuce, guacamole and lime mayonnaise. This is all great, but without a doubt what I liked the most and I'm looking forward to tasting again is the simple tomato soup.

After eating and being very happy, we went to pick up the bicycles that followed where we had parked them. While we were eating we had been talking about whether or not to try the truffles. As we decided to do it, we rode bicycles in search of a SmartShop that inspired us confidence.

We found a Smartshop where the shop assistant very kindly explained the effects of the different truffles and how we had to take them, apart from recommending some that are soft to experience the first trip with the magic truffles.

Magic truffles and the party of vomit.

The shop assistant recommended the MEXICANA magic truffles and to notice the effects we had to eat a box of 10 grams each. The price was around 10 euros each box.

He told us that these truffles were very soft and that we would have a feeling of happiness and in general we would be very loving ... He also told us that if at any time we wanted to cut the trip we could eat something sweet that would quickly pass the effects ...

The moment of truth arrived in the hotel. We had chocolates and magic truffles. All that was left was for one of us to take the first step. And honestly, looking at the aspects of truffles, we had little desire to put them in our mouths.

Well, as we had not experienced before with the magic truffles, 10 grams seemed a lot to us so we decided to eat a box between the two, five grams each.

It's not because I'm brave, but I was the first to dare. I grabbed the water bottle and started chewing and swallowing quickly with the water. Everything has to be said, it was not nice to chew them. The taste is disgusting and the texture is like that of a nut, but when bitten it was very bitter.

Between the two of us we ate the box and after a while we were laughing a lot, very much. Tears fell down our cheeks with laughter. In the room there were two pictures of Apache Indians. I looked at one of the Indians. He was with his face very serious and suddenly he smiled at me and quickly became serious again. This was a cycle that repeated itself. By the way my boy also saw how the Indian smiled at me.

Approximately the rush lasted about 45 minutes. When we finished laughing, I began to notice a ball in my stomach that neither raised nor lowered. I was not so happy anymore and I felt uncomfortable with my stomach. Everything I was feeling was communicated to my boyfriend and unfortunately he also started to experience the same thing that I did.

I wanted to remedy what was happening to me and I ate two chocolate cakes, drank water and seeing that I still had that unpleasant feeling I started to brush my teeth. While I did my boyfriend flew around the room looking for the toilet ... you can imagine the situation ... I brushed my teeth for nothing, because nothing more than he left the toilet free I put my head in the toilet.

We had a good time moving around the vomit party, until we got all the crap out. The bad living was taken away and it seemed that the high also. So quietly and together with some snaks we put a series. Suddenly, a frightful noise began to sound inside the room. We look at the ceiling ... the fire alarm, shit. In a leap reach the jacket, boots, backpack and went to the hall. That seemed like the beginning of a horror movie. All the doors of the rooms began to open, people came out shouting, what happens? It was then that I realized that I still had some effect of the truffles.

As inside the room we could not stand the infernal noise, We sat down to wait in some armchairs that are between corridors and there while they turned off the alarm or not we rolled a joint. In less than half an hour everything was solved and everyone in his room. The reason why the alarm went off we do not know yet. But most likely someone ignored the receptionist's warnings and smoked in the room.


We thank all the readers who accompany us and support us with their comments.

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That Purple looks so appealing to me. I love a good Sativa.

I'm sad to hear you had a bad experience on your first try of shrooms being someone who loves them. I had a bad exp myself. The problem was I was inside in a small room. On shrooms I feel connected to everything around me and when I'm in a small room I feel smallness and claustrophobic feeling. That's why I always eat them outside. My advice would be If you try them again try it outside in nature. A park or forest. Perhaps away from other people as well. They might be weaker then lsd but it's a still a psychedelic and your environment is important.
If the next one is the last one will you then combine the last 2 days into one?


Yes, well, at first it was fun but then not so much. If I try again I would like to do it as you recommend, outdoors. Well, there is only one publication left, the sixth day that was Friday. The seventh took the plane very early, so what I have to say of that day I will include in the last post. Thanks for stopping by here! :D


Well I hope the next time your experience is better.
What about the 5th?
Edit:oh wait sorry. I read 4th in the title and mistakenly 4th everywhere in the post XD my bad.


Ohh shit! I'm going to edit it. Thank you I had not noticed. This is the fifth day.

That strain was very popular in the 90.s, it does have the same look that the one i use to get, and i have very nice memories of that one.


Yes, I had no idea. In the nineties it was a non-smoking girl haha ​​... not like now. Thanks for the visit!

Haha nice, how did you like one of the most popular strains in the Netherlands? 😁


The truth is that I liked it, but of all the ones we tried there have been others that I liked the most. thank you for your visit :))

hahaha epic story! i did not eat any truffles when I was in the Dam last year... I stick to the space cakes :)


hahaha thank you! If one day the tests, with caution. Honestly because of my experience ... I prefer magical biscuits although they affect me little. Thanks for the visit!

Somebody always triggers the fire alarm. Somebody always does.

Awesome trip report, this is a great series already.


Yes and that they warn that smoke detectors are very sensitive ... no case. Thank you!! there is only one more publication to finish this series. :))

stellar "travel" post! ;) Thanks for giving us some great read! The truffles reminded me of the book I am reading at the moment:

My hands were wet and my stomach contracted. The jar with the peyote buttons was on the floor by the chair. I bent over, took one at random, and put it in my mouth. It had a stale taste. I bit it intwo and started to chew one of the pieces. I felt a strong, pungent bitterness; in a moment my whole mouth was numb. The bitterness increased as I kept on chewing, forcing an incredible flow of saliva. My gums and the inside of my mouth felt as if I had eaten salty, dry meat or fish, which seems to force one to chew more. After a while I chewed the other piece and my mouth was so numb I couldn’t feel the bitterness any more. The peyote button was a bunch of shreds, like the fibrous part of an orange or like sugarcane, and I didn’t know whether to swallow it or spit it out.

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge (Carlos Castaneda)


Thanks to you for reading it :) That's right! It seems that that fragment of the book was the one that I live but instead of peyote with the truffles. Thanks for the review, very interesting!


lol. Well, in this book it gets better … :D The initial rite is just to know whether the plant accepts you. And from this native American looking at you, I'd say it did. ;) Do you still have some?


The Indian painting was fun. No, I do not have anymore. On the return plane you can not take anything: ((


oh, right, Indian! Well, there's always a next time …

the coolest part of Amsterdam is that you can even be there without smoking but the smell is in the air and you will feel HAPPY walking around :D