Experiencing day 4 of Amsterdam: We cruise the canals + smoke the Gello Californian strain + a man looks at us weird ...

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Smokers are welcome on the fourth day of our Amsterdam adventure.

Hello friends! Today we share our experience of the fourth day. First of all I apologize for the delay in the publications of the trip, at this rate I arrive at the year 2020 jeje. But no! calm this is the penultimate publication. With all our heart we wish you enjoy it.


On Wednesday morning we got up very early, we wanted to take advantage of the hours that were not in the city card I Amsterdam. Again we went to the central station, our intention was to cruise the channels. And look at where, the City card includes free cruises through the canals.

It was quite cold and I wanted a hot coffee, but when we went to ask the time to set sail ... just 5 minutes to start.

The tour lasted about an hour. The boat was roofed and inside he did not feel any cold. They gave us some headphones when they entered and the whole tour we heard narrated in Spanish. Of course, who comes to** Amsterdam** can not forget to take a cruise through the channels. You see the city of Amsterdam from another perspective very different from when you walk down the street.

When we got off the cruise we went looking for something hot to throw us in the stomach. Very close to the central station is theCoffee Shop 420. We went there and ordered two hot chocomel and with cream on top, it is something delicious. We also made a joint of one of the strains we had bought the previous day. Everything we had bought we had to spend, because we did not think to throw anything away.

When we left the Coffee shop 420 we had several hours to finish the city cards and we walked from the center to the Nemo Museum. This was approximately 13 or 20 minutes on the way.

The Nemo Museum draws attention from afar. It is a boat-shaped building, its color is green. It has a total of five floors. We went through all the plants touching everything like children. We did not realize it and when we finished touring the entire Museum it was 5 o'clock in the afternoon and we were starving.

We walk again to the most central area of the city and without thinking twice when we saw the New York Pizza, the sky lit up. How delicious are those pizza slices.

When we finished eating we went walking to the red light district. There, we had already seen some luminous theaters of erotic shows like the Rosso house and the truth that caught our attention. We bought a couple of tickets for one of the passes of the erotic show.
And to be honest ... it's not worth spending money to see it.

After the disappointment of the show we had no choice but to go to a coffeeshop to get high grass.

We went back to stop at Super Skunk coffee shop, we had just been the day before and since we liked the place very much and all the varieties they had, we did not think twice.

This time we decided to try the armchairs of the interior room, but before we stopped at the bar to order two coca-cola and one gram of other "Californian" varieties, Gello.

Out of curiosity I searched on Instagram "Beldia Boys" as indicated in the Gello package. I found the account and started to follow it but it does not have enough information and a few images.

This variety is born in California. It has a fruity aroma and when you take a puff the feeling that leaves you in the mouth is cool.


As you can see in the images the buds are covered with layers of crystalline resin. They were also quite crispy and that's something I like.

25 (1) 1.jpg

This variety is a THC pump and you have to smoke it with caution if you're not used to it. Even having tolerance to cannabis this variety hit us well in the head, so we were sitting in those chairs for about two hours and we smoked two Gello lengths.

25 (2)1.jpg

During the hours we were sitting and smoking in Super Skunk coffeeshop a couple of things happened. The first one came from the hand of the shop assistant. It was like the second or the third time we went into that coffeshop to smoke and smoke.io hoodies. The girl became interested in sweatshirts and asked us what Smoke.io was about. We explained above what it is and he told us that he would take a look at the platform. I wish we had more time to explain it better, but the saleswoman was quite busy since she was working.

The second came from a man we had sitting right next to him. He was talking excessively loudly and his partner told him; "Hey man! Be careful that you can be heard." The man cared little about his comrade's comment and said even more loudly; "Well, give him his ass if they hear me." I do not know why, but he was looking at us. He then commented on the sweatshirts and the promotion. I could not hear it well, but it sounded sarcastic. Shortly after the saleswoman warned him that if he continued with that behavior he would have to leave the premises, and the gentleman calmed down.

We did not change our roll, we asked for more coke and we made another joint. When we were already quite bursting, we took the road to the hotel and stopped at an Albert Heijn to buy bags of potatoes and chocolates to eat something before going to bed.


We thank all the readers who accompany us and support us with their comments.

You can not lose the fifth day ... you will know our experience with the magic truffles, haha.

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Nice job spreading the smoke in Amsterdam! Buds look frosty


Thank you! The buds were wonderful. To eat it in one bite haha.

Nemo science museum is one of the best fucking places there. Together with micopia(if im not mistaken). If I ever get a kid, I'll surely take him there.
Rooftop of nemo is also great for a coffee and spliff.

Weed as always, top. Good thing it all went well with the guy.


If the Museum is impressive. I am sorry not to show more images of its interior, but it is that we are dedicated to play and we forget about the camera. It is the perfect place to visit with children and adults.

If nothing is wrong, nothing happened. What surprised me most was that he was an adult man in his 50s. Thank you for your visit: D

The rooftop at Nemo is definitely one of the coolest spots in Amsterdam to have a toke. And the Museum is stellar too.

LOL at the mega sized New York Pizza slices. I’ve found them heavenly more times than I like to admit.

Couchlock in a coffee shop is always a fun experience. Always makes observing people totally different.

Anecdote: I was bar manager at the Millennium techno party at the Nemo (and two ships).


The Nemo museum is a must visit, it is spectacular on the outside and inside.
JAJA the portions of New york Pizza are the most! It takes you out of big trouble.

That musium sounds awesome, It is like a science center?

Nice promo work with the shirts, Sucks how some people can act cause of what other ware.

That cannabis looks really caked, I would love to go to Amsterdam one day just to smoke in a cafe.


If it is a science museum. It's great. I think it is on the second floor that there is a small laboratory to conduct experiments.
Yes, there are all kinds of people in the world ... and this man did not like haha sweatshirts.
Those buds were well pressed and the taste very good. If you can do it, it is a city that you have to visit even once. Thank you for your visit: D

Great experience and a great 4th day. If I rember correctly you said you spend 6 days there. Since this is the 4th day I guess the series is slowly ending, which is a shame since I like this series a lot. I give me a lot of insight into how Amsterdam operates for tourists. It is a great learning experience for the day I get to visit Amsterdam. So I am very grateful for all those information. I will probably go back and read all the day when it's over and write down all useful information I can gather from your posts. Im gona do my homework miss Greender 🙋‍♂️ hahaha
Jokes aside I really do plan to use your posts to put together all the places I should visit. Just the buds themselfs that you smoked there are appealing enough to take the next flight there.


So is! We stayed six days, so there are still two publications. I am very happy to know that you will use this information. I thought that once I finished with the series create a kind of Guide or list with all the places visited. So it will be easier to consult :D Thank you so much for the visit!!


Yes. I wanted to ask you that aswell. That would be a great post and I think a lot of people here would appreciate that. Don't want to be one to tell you what to write, but write it hahaha


I will write it! :D

That Gello looks so nice - caked - sounds powerful too, niice. Should have gotten a picture of the guy looking at you strange lol.


So is! These buds are crisp and open very well. hahaha I did not have the courage to take a picture.

Yours is such a nice couple.


You always leave me the same comment! Thanks in the end I will believe it! Haha :)