Experiencing Amsterdam Day 3: We visited Rijksmuseum + Cannabis Platinum cookies in Super-Skunk Coffeeshop + we found another Kadinsky coffeeshop.

5 months ago

Smokers are welcome on the third day of our adventure through Amsterdam.

Hello friends! We are already reaching the middle of the road. Today we share our experience of the third day. We hope you enjoy it.

After a refreshing night and around ten o'clock in the morning, we went to ask for two coffees at the hotel cafeteria to upload them to the room.

As we had planned, the third day we were going to dedicate to visit some museums.

So, taking advantage of the fact that we had a balcony in the hotel room, we made a joint of the Hash Shibani rif to enjoy it with coffee and to leave well satisfied to the street.

The previous day we bought this hash in: Dampkring Coffeeshops located at 292 Handboogstraat street. If you missed the part of the trip where we bought the hash you can read it by clicking on the following link Read Here!

We went to the central station in search of the I amsterdam office to buy the City Card. We decided to buy these cards because the price includes tickets for a wide variety of museums, attractions and travel by public transport. We take out the cards for a duration of 48 hours. So we had all Tuesday and Wednesday to make cultural visits.

First we went to Rijksmuseum located at Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX


A curious fact about Rijksmuseumis that since it was founded in 1800 it has been relocated several times until it reaches the location where it is today.


This museum collects numerous works of art of all kinds but what most abound are the paintings.

I made some photographs inside the galleries of the museum.

Once again when I have gone to another museum I have filled the phone with images, this time it has been different. Instead of taking the phone to take a photograph and immortalize something that is already immortalized, I enjoyed what I was observing.

Anyway, here I leave some of the images that most appeal to me.

Among them, the painting of the Golden Calf triptych created by Lucas va Leyden

After several hours walking inside the Rijksmuseum through the immense back garden and we headed towards the Van Gogh museum. There I no longer make any photograph, I just admire the art that was before my eyes.

After an intensive day of museum we went in search of a Coffeeshop. This time we find a Coffeeshop called Super-Skunk that is located on Prinsengracht 480 street.

As in other Coffeeshop this consisted of two rooms. In the main room there were large wooden tables with high stools, they looked like picnic tables, but giant, in this room also has the bar to order drinks. The second room is more spacious and intimate.

Upon entering, we were struck by the bright sign with everything they had available for consumption, including Californian exports. Something that we had not yet seen in any other coffeeshop. Of the Californian strains there were about five varieties. We decided to try the platinium cookies (OG kush x Durban poison).


In the bag came the amount of one gram, I can say that this was not cheap, between 35 and 40 euros.

I think that the images are not well appreciated, but the buds were full of trichomes and had a good consistency. Its flavor was the closest thing to a sweet cookie. The euphoric effect that caused me was the best. Of that gram, approximately we were able to roll three powerful joints. It was worth it.

It was already night and fatigue was noticeable in the body. Before going to the hotel, we thought it would be a good idea to look for a more potent cannabis brownie since the previous day we were completely disappointed.

Luckily not far away we came across a Kadinsky coffeeshop, but it was not the same one we had already gone to. This is located on Rosmarijnsteeg 9 street.

We approached the bar and saw that they had Brownie of cannabis. We told the clerk what had happened to us with the brownie from the previous day, he told us No man, do not buy cookies from factories! buy in coffeeshops that are better. So we paid attention to him and bought the slice of potent biscuit to eat at the hotel.

Also, that was not all, because the variety of Lemon Bubble also caught our attention, so we also brought a little gram of this to the hotel. We were well-stocked.


Upon arrival at the hotel we made a tasting of the last two buy of the day. Before tasting the herb we ate the cake ... again I did not feel anything. It was good and soft, you could tell it was more homemade, but its effects did not manifest themselves in us.

If we talk about Lemon Bubble, say it's a spectacular sativa. Its flavor and its smell is the reason for its name. The taste of citrus remained on the palate, as if sucking a lemon sweeter than acid. Its effects are very good, we had moments of laughter but once our heads touched the pillows, we disappeared with sleep.


We sincerely thank all those who have accompanied us so far in this experience.

Do not miss what we were doing during the fourth day of our trip.

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The third day sounds extremly entertaining with those museums, edibles and lemon strains. The brownie looks extremly delicious. I firs thought it was some hash. Is it hash? I don't know I'm too high and blind to see properly. You are making Amsterdam sound more and more appealing with every chapter you go on. Can't wait for the next one. ✌️


As always, thank you! It was a pretty entertaining day. The Brownie was better than the previous day, but I did not notice a strong effect either. Hashish is the first image. We smoked one before leaving the hotel. If he will soon be here on the fourth day. A hug!


Can't wait to hear to fourth day and the rest 2 days right? You said 3 days middle so you were around 6 days there, right?


So is! We stayed from Sunday 9th and we returned on Saturday 15th very early.

This card is a must, I remember we bought it as well.

Lemon bud looks .hmm..hairy?


If these cards come well, the expense is amortized once you enter two museums and take public transportation. The truth is that yes, in the picture is not appreciated well because it is a little out of focus, but this head had hairs. His appearance was closer to that of a sea sponge.
Thanks for stopping by here!

You sounded you´ve had a nice time on the 3rd day... very well that you enjoyed cultural aspects of the city and talked about the strain you got.


Thank you! If we had to take advantage to do some cultural visits ... not everything was going to be smoking haha. I do not forget that I have to go see you! a hug!


Many thanks.... when do you plan to have a meet up? Our stay here in Andalucia will be until end of Feb. then we go back to Austria for Spring and Summer. Hope to meet you soon before that whenever you have the time. If not, we are coming back in October for the next winter season...


I hope I can arrive before the end of February. Maybe next weekend we'll go there. I'll let you know! a hug!

Gotta love the current location of the three museums. Awesome square and near to Vondel park, the perfect place to bake. At least when it isn’t that cold that you can’t roll.


You're right it's a beautiful place. Something that I noticed is that before in that garden were located the famous letters of "I amsterdam" and now moved to the airport. I'm looking forward to returning even if it's only for a couple of days.
Thank you for your visit!

Amsterdam just became more beautiful because of you guys. Really nice and beautiful couple


I'm glad to read that :) I thank you!