Experiencing Amsterdam Day 2 (part 2): We bought Shibani Rif in the original Dampkring Coffee Shop + Bulldog Coffee Shop and we get the strains = Pineapple and Super Silver Haze

8 months ago

Smokers welcome to the second part of our second day in Amsterdam.

This is the second part of our second day in the Dutch city. We were practically from morning to night walking and getting to know the center of the city.
So, in order not to make long and heavy publications this second day, we are going to divide it into several parts to make it more bearable. In addition, we will talk about the different types of cannabis and coffee. We want you to enjoy the publication.

Day 2... part 2...

After leaving kadinsky Café very happy, we decided to take a walk through the center to clear and appreciate the beauty of Amsterdam at 12:15 in the morning.

We went to the beautiful Dam Square, where the majestic Royal Palace was built in 1648. To the right of the royal palace we find a classic wax museum, the Madame Tussaud and crossing the road an obelisk that pays homage to the fallen from the Second World War.

plaza Dam.jpg

How can you not be standing in the same place for a long time, because if you do not freeze. We finished admiring the big Dam Square and we set off.

We were walking around for about twenty minutes until we got to Rembrandt Square. A place with a good atmosphere, even when it's cold.

Some of the premises that are around are coffeeshops. Among them the one that caught my attention because of its dark facade and neon lights, was the Smokey Coffeeshop.

In the center of the square there is a statue that pays homage to the Dutch painter Rembrandt.

Something curious ... I wanted to capture the complete image of the scene of the bronze statues since it is one of the painter's most famous paintings, titled: The Night's Round.

Unfortunately, I found it impossible. Like us, there were more people taking pictures. Many of them were put to pose next to the bronze statues so I could not get a clean picture of the whole as there always appeared a stranger smiling and holding the arm of a cold and stiff statue.

It was 12:30 in the morning approximately and after several attempts of failed photographs and to endure an interesting cold, we thought that it would be a good idea to go somewhere where we were hot and to make an appetite for the lunch hour. And we already knew where we were going.

Original Dampkring


It turns out that a day or two before leaving for Amsterdam @xtetrahedron recommended us to try the Rifman Hash in one of the Dampkring Coffeeshops.


And so we did friend! thanks for the recommendation!

We put the G.maps and located a Dampkring on the 292 Handboogstraat about ten minutes walk from Rembrandt Square.

We do not think twice and go straight to get to the bar at the bottom where all good things are dispensed. Behind the bar I could see a wooden sign where he put Rifman.

Sure, we saw the poster and we thought ... we did it, but no.

We asked the clerk if they had Rifman, but unfortunately he said no. He pointed out in the letter the Rif classes he did have. Among them, Shibani, Durrah and Sensabille.

We did not want to stay without buying anything so we decided on a gram of Shibani rif.
If I remember correctly its price was twelve euros per gram.

We were looking for a place to sit while tasting the hash, but I had noticed that all the tables, chairs and stools were occupied, except for two stools left at the bar, between a couple and a man who was smoking bonga. Well, we sit there between the bonga man and the couple. We were a little tight, but we fit.

We ordered two Coca-cola. I took out the Shibani rif to start mixing, but looking around I read some notices stating that it was forbidden to consume tobacco in the premises. We think that by not being able to make the mixture with tobacco, a substitute would be available. We asked the waitress if they had a tobacco substitute, to which she said no.

I gave up and opted to leave the tasting for another time, in another place where I could mix it with something. Silly me because I could have done it at that precise moment when I started to roll a long paper of the strawberry banana strain that we had bought a few hours ago. I could have picked that sticky hashish and kneaded it until I got a thin line, perfect to put it inside the joint of marijuana that I was preparing, but as I said, I did not. Not at that moment.

Although we were tight in the place where we had sat down, we got to smoke in that bar two joints of Strawberry banana. We stayed from 13:00 in the afternoon until 14:45 in the afternoon.

We left the Dampkring very hungry and started walking in search of something to eat.

Fortunately, and without much ado, a New York Pizza appeared on our way and we went there to satiate the voracious hunger with portions of pizzas, which by the way were very delicious.

It was around 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon when we finished having lunch. As we had not yet passed through the red light district, we searched the maps and headed towards the mythical street of the special shop windows.

Red street road we went through the door of Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, located in the street Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148. We did not get to enter and decided to leave it for later. I think it was a terrible mistake not to enter at that moment because in the end we returned to Spain and did not enter to visit it.

We followed the road to the red light district, which was literally a minute walk from the museum. We passed through a narrow street, in front of us walked the police and people in groups.

I did not realize because it was daytime, there were no lights on and the girls were not in the windows, but we had already reached the red light district.

We took a walk along the canal to get to know the neighborhood and we went into some erotic shops.

With the coming and going of the stores and the cold that we had in the street, we already wanted to go somewhere warm to have a coffee. We did not even have to leave the red-light district to do so because there was a stretch of the canal in which there were at least five Bulldogs, some coffeeshops and others only Café but where you can also smoke.

We entered the Cafe's The Bulldog Mack. It is a local Pub style. The walls are full of images, paintings and paintings. Upon entering you find a first room with a large bar, tables and stools. In the background there is a second room, this time with fewer tables, but with bars attached to the wall and enough stools to sit on.

We sat on the stools of the inner room and went to order two coffees. Something that I found very curious is that in most coffee shops are self-service.

Although we had some of the Strawberry-Banana strain, we wanted to try another variety. But there was a problem that we were going to solve quickly. There you could only smoke, they do not sell anything. So Mr. Green-der jumped and went out to buy something new at the Bulldog coffeeshop Energy that was right next to him.

The selected strains this time ... there were two!

Pineapple and Super Silver Haze

Friends this was death and destruction we were about three hours sitting on those stools. We had two coffees and two colas and we smoked three porros one from Pineapple and two from Super Silver Haze. The truth that in that place we were very comfortable.

I can say that the Pineapple strain was very tasty. Its flavor was very close to the fruit of the pineapple, very tropical. But its effect left me in another world. I was in a kind of catatonic state, submerged in my thoughts. I had Mr. Green-der abandoned ... but he was just like me haha.

However, with the knowledge of Super Silver Haze the opposite happened to us. In less than ten minutes we were chatting and planning what we were going to do after leaving Bulldog and in the days that were left over there. We were euphoric and happy, so much so that when we finished smoking the first of S.S.H we prepared another.

The place was beginning to fill with people, even the young lady who comes to the toilet door to sell colonies and lollipops. It was close to eight o'clock in the afternoon, we had been happy and our stomach was beginning to roar.

We have to move!

With these publications we hope to show you our experience in Amsterdam. We hope to see you in part 3 of day 2.

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wow what a wonderful trip, beautiful photos, I admit that I could not stand the cold of Holland


Thank you! The photographs are made with the phone. Most of the time I was thinking about taking my hands out of my pockets to take a picture ... because of the cold haha.


wow what madness is something admirable, freeze for a memory

It took a long while before you wrote the part two of experience came....you kept us waiting😃
Lovely day 2


Yes and I'm sorry to make you wait so long. Truly, that was not the plan.

Ah finally man. Truth to be told it takes time to write and remember everything. Actually, Amdam is really small. Grat when on truffles, cant get lost. Uou need to visit during the summer with a bit warmer weather.


Also really hard to remember after so many joints haha. We also fear an anecdote with the truffles that I will tell.

Amazing!!! Believe me, am feeling the good vibes from here lol, well detailed.... You guys really had an interesting time. Amsterdam is really a nice place to visit.


We really had a great time and super recommended to visit. Thank you!!

Nice chronicle of your trip. Looks like a good time!


Thank you! yes it was!

Gosh.. your gf looks gorgeous.. u are a lucky guy..


hahaha is the bride who writes mostly (me) thank you!


Lol, this got me😀

Looks fun! Thanks for sharing


Thank you!! it was fun. After the one we had on ... it had to be fun.

Well it was about time. hahaha I was waiting for the next part. I wil defiently note all those loctions and come back to these posts when I plan to go to amsterdam. I can see by your posts its a fun but confusing place. Some places sell and let smoke, some only let smoke, some only sell etc... Is there a way to distinquish in which shop I can do what?
Also those buds look amazing. There isn othing better to smoke one to locks you down and when you have to go one that energizes you. I cant wait for the next part.


If I'm sorry for the wait. There is a way to distinguish where they sell and where they can only smoke. Where it is sold you can also smoke and it is called CoffeeShop and where you can only smoke are cafes. Do not worry they end up differentiating. You also have my guide hehe. Thanks for your support. Do not miss the third part.


Ofcourse I wont miss even one part. I might read it a day or two late rwhn posted but I always read them. They are amazing and a real help for me. It will be easier to navigate there thanks to you and mr. Green-der.