Experiencing Amsterdam Day 2 (part 3): We took five strains in a day + White Widow Brownie for cowards.

5 months ago

Hello smokers! Welcome to the third part of the second day in Amsterdam.

This is the third and last part of our second day in the Dutch city. We were practically from the morning until the night walking and knowing the center of the city.
That's why we decided to divide the second day into three publications.

Day 2... part 3...


When we left Cafe's The Bulldog Mack we were starving but it was still early for dinner, so we bought a cartridge of chips with CurryKetchup at Chipsy King to satisfy the appetite.

During the week we were in Amsterdam I ate three cones of chips, two of them by myself.

While we were walking we crossed paths with some Smart Shops, I was spellbound looking at all the paraphernalia displayed in the shop windows. We did not take long to enter one, as soon as we finished eating the cone of chips. The Smart shop where we went to browse had two floors, the place is not very big but the space is fully exploited. Among all that we had in front of us, we decided to buy colored cartons to make the nozzles, watermelon-flavored paper and a cannabis Brownie.

After our super purchase and before taking the commuter train to get to the hotel we made one last stop at the Italian restaurant Hasta la Pasta, which is located right next to the kadinsky Café on Zoutsteeg Street 14, 1012 LX.


The restaurant is a cozy place where a maximum of ten tables enter. In the back is the open kitchen and you can easily see how they make food. We are very simple and we ask for a spaghetti carbonara, but the carbonara really with egg! And they were delicious.

When we arrived at the hotel room we made a recount of everything we had accumulated on our second day in Amsterdam.


OG kush

75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Strawberry Bannana

70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Super Silver Haze

10% Indica/ 90% Sativa


80%Indica/ 20%Sativa

I had never had four different kinds of cannabis in a day, this was crazy.

Once we reviewed what we had to smoke we got to work with what we had bought in the Smart Shop.

We are looking forward to trying that magical brownie to see where it took us. In the store we saw that there were three different types of brownies: light, medium and strong.

We asked the clerk and he recommended us to take the light if it was the first time we were going to eat a brownie of this type.

It is true that it was the first time I was going to try a chocolate cake with cannabis, but for years I tried some homemade cookies that also had cannabis.

Since we did not want to take any risks, we paid attention to the clerk and bought the light Brownie. I looked at the back label of the package for some cannabis substance, but I could not identify any that is related...

Can you identify any compound on the label above?

First we split the cake in half and that half we divided between the two. We waited five minutes before continuing with the other half of the cake.

The time to eat the brownie was fun. The situation of slowly eating a light cannabis cake triggered a silly laugh.

But friends, I'm sorry to tell you that beyond that silly laugh, nothing else happened. Half an hour passed and we were more sober than before we started eating the cake.

In definite the brownie did not give us any effect and I think we found the reason. We came to the conclusion that after being all day smoking as if there was no tomorrow, having gone through different physical and mental states and having eaten that great dish of spaghetti, the light cannabis biscuit for us was like the soft breeze blowing you hair. It is more I think that the spaghetti carbonara engulfed the brownie.

To console ourselves with the disillusionment of the Brownie, we decided to use the cannabis we had and also the little book of colored cardboard and the paper with watermelon flavor.

Regarding the cards I have to say that for my taste they are too soft, but I like them to be colored.

This time we had to choose and we decided to make one of Pineapple. All a tropical mixture.

Again we enjoyed the wonderful smoke of this joint in the sweet cold of the balcony of our hotel room. The paper with a taste of watermelon we liked, although its touch is different from the paper we are used to, Raw natural. This paper tastes much finer and breaks more easily. In a matter of taste I could appreciate the fruity touch.

After this, friends, we fell exhausted in bed.


As you already know smokers we have reached the end of our second day. We sincerely thank all those who have accompanied us so far in this experience.

Do not miss what we were doing during the third day of our trip.

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So happy that the third part is out. SSH got my attention because of his Sativa effect. I love day energetics and SB because I love fruity flavors, with strawberry being one of my favorites after citrus. I belive you are right about the brownie. A day of constant smoking and a full stomach could have lessened the brownies effect to the point of berely touching you. Or as you phrased it as a breeze in the hair. Can't wait to see the next day. Keep em coming ✌️😎 Resmoked.


If it finally ended. I hope it has not been very long but it was a very intense day. The brownie was light and we were immunized from everything we had on it haha. I will try to make the next days more summary. Thanks for your reading and comment.

At these cakes had no effect.
But on the last visit to Amsterdam, I had a pretty strong caught.
It was from Abraxas Coffee Shop. Find the Graß there really well. Was fun to read. Bye for now


Thank you! I sign it for the next time I'm going to go.


Haha ok.

LOL! You are right with the brownies. I also bought brownies in Amsterdam and tried them back home. It was not the same as my baked brownies and they were way too sweet!!! I bought a pack of 8 pieces some I froze because we were about to leave for Spain. I hope that the freezing won´t damage its state.


If I hope to try some edible soon. I would also love to make my own cookies. Well, the truth is that I do not know if the freezer will damage the substances ... but more than anything I think commercial biscuits will always have much less quantity and effects than homemade biscuits. You live in Spain? A greeting!


Yeah, I live here in Andalucia during the winter season... Before, we used to live 6 months yearly ... but nowadays, it´s shorter because it is also cold here in winter so we´ll try some other warmer places. Hasta luego!


I also live in Andalucia but throughout the year. It is true that lately it is very cold, today too much! If some day you want to have a coffee and have a conversation I will be delightede. See you soon!


Thanks for the invitation... I remember you live in Malaga... We are here in Torrox, some 60 km from the Airport. Drop by Torrox anytime and surely, lets have some coffee by the Sea.


Yes, I live in Málaga capital. It would be great, when I go to Torrox I will notify you without hesitation :)


Yes, looking forward to that.... we can also meet at the Grow Shop and I will introduce you to Diego the owner of the shop in Torrox. I hope it will be soon, coz I´ll be going back to Austria first week of March. That would be a nice meet up...

No Cannabis in that cookie but plenty of chemicals (Es).

At least nothing I could identify... seems you went to Amsterdam, got ripped off, and... bought a t-shirt about it? Classic. :D

Best one’s are usually bought in shops like Kadinsky and Abraxas, who have somebody actually make them fresh every day and whose reputation relies on high quality.

Remember that depending on your digestion, it can take up to two hours before the effect of edibles kicks in. And, yes, if you’ve eaten lots before it may dilute the felt effect. But if there was anything in that brownie... it wasn’t disclosed (yes, I can read Dutch).


Exactly the only thing I could decipher was chemical products. Well, if that brownie was a scam, but we did not buy t-shirts, we already wore the smoke.io sweatshirts hahaha A few days later we tried Kadinsky's brownie, I do not do Spoiler! I'll tell you.


indeed, full of E's ,no good at all.