Experiencing Amsterdam Day 2: Kadinsky Café and Coffeeshop + Savor the Strawberry Banana

7 months ago

Hi Smokers, we have already prepared the first part of our second day in Asmterdam.

It is the first part because on our second day in the Dutch city we were practically from morning until night crossing the center of the city. So in order not to make long and heavy publications this second day we are going to divide it in several parts so that it is more bearable. In addition, we will talk about different types of cannabis and coffeeshops and having it separately seems more organized. We want you to enjoy the publication.

Day 2...

At 10:00 in the morning we were already on the street looking for a place to have breakfast. As we were hungry and wanted to have a quick bite to eat, we ended up at Burger`n Shakes, the same burger we ate the day before but this time we ordered two coffees and pancakes with syrup. Something that caught my attention is that the cutlery was made of disposable wood.

After breakfast we went to the nearest train stop where we had Muiderpoort Station and took a ticket to Amsterdam Central Station.

In less than twenty minutes we had reached the center of Amsterdam. It must be said that in general it is a beautiful city, but the center has a special charm.

We had entered a downtown shopping street, clothes, shoes, cheeses, there was everything. There, we enter a narrow street, called Zoutsteeg 14, 1012 LX where is the Kadinsky Coffee Shop where you can buy and smoke and just opposite the kadinsky Café where there is a place for smokers.

First we went to Kadinsky Coffee Shop, our intention was to buy some cannabis and smoke it right there. But, although it was early 11:30 in the morning almost all seats were occupied so we decided to buy something right there and go to the Kadinsky Café that is right in front of us to smoke it.

What was the chosen variety?

Strawberry Banana

We had never tried this variety so among all the possibilities that most of us had not tried, we decided on this and bought a gram at 11 euros. With the images you can get an idea, what you see in that bag is one gram of Strawberry Bannana.

The Strawberry Bannana is a hybrid, its crossing is between the Bannana Kush and a strawberry phenotype of the Bubble Gum. Their genes are 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

This variety predominates by a high production of resin. In the images is not very well appreciated, but I can assure you that it is.

We sat in a corner that was free within the space enabled to smoke and while Mr. Green-der was going to order two Chocomel I was preparing the joint, oh if I work as a team !

Place part of the heart in the grinder to grind it, the truth is that it opened very well. I used a long piece of paper to roll it up, I also added some tobacco.

Not all coffeeshops are allowed to consume tobacco, but in this where we were if you can make the mixture with tobacco.

The smell of the head was fruity and penetrating, I had the feeling that it would be very rich and I was not wrong.

The smoke enters the throat softly leaving a sweet sensation, its flavor has fruity touches very pleasant to the palate.

Honestly I did not know how to differentiate the banana or strawberry touch, but its flavor was spectacular.

As for the effects, we immediately begin to feel the happiest in the world. We were in a café, sitting in front of a huge window smoking a joint while people passed by the street, it was great. It left us with a very relaxing but not overwhelming feeling.

The mixture of Chocomel and the joint smoke was the best. First I took a puff and then I took a drink of the shake, it was an explosion of flavors in my mouth.


When we had finished the shakes and smoking, I went to the bathroom before going outside. The bathroom was upstairs, climbing black stairs, narrow and half stooped. I went up, entered the service and when I went to leave I could not open the door, of course ... I was pushing inside instead of outside. There I realized that I was carrying a very interesting buzzard. When I got out, because I pushed out of chance I tripped on the ground ... yes, with the floor and I found myself facing the black stairs, narrow and stooped. You can already imagine how to get off ... holding on to each side of the wall to avoid falling down the stairs of hell hahaha. It was an unexpected adventure.

Highly recommended

With these publications we hope to show you our experience in Amsterdam. We hope to see you in part 2 of day 2.

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Some shops will never close doors and will stay true to their reputation. Glad to see Kadinsky is still going.

I’ve spent several an afternoon in the one on Rosmarijnsteeg.

It’s a nasty habit of so many coffeeshops to have the bathroom on second floor. Those trips down the stairs... had too many of those. Mostly in Abraxas. :D


If the truth is that it is a nice place. We were also in the street Rosmarijnsteeg, but a few days later. If the stairs there are deadly in almost all places haha. Thank you!!

Oh man, don't keep us waiting that long for the sequels.

Lovely day too. Did you go to hash and hemp museum?


Ohh I'm sorry for the wait! I promise that next year will be the second part of day 2 :)) We went through the door of the museum of hemp but we did not get to enter ... it is something that has been pending. We passed through the door of the hemp museum.

So liberating being in cannabis friendly places. Looks like a fun trip, I have to make it out to Amsterdam some day :)


If that is to not have fun hehe. It is highly recommended to visit and do different types of tourism. There is everything.

Awesome.... Amsterdam looks awesome. I’ll have to visit some day....


Yes, it's beautiful to look where you look and with the eyes that look at it jeje


Beautiful. I can see it with my eyes looking 👀

Great post as usual :) As anybody asked about your sweaters there or just curious staring at them? :)


Thank you! if some people asked us about the sweatshirts and those who did not ask were watching. We heard some comments in one of the Coffeshops!

Beautiful sweaters too. I have the matching hat.


Haha thanks! that cap is also wonderful!

Finally the second day hahaha The SB strain looks really tasty. Nothing better ten fruit flavored strains. So some coffee shops in amsterdam forbid the smoking of tabacco but permit if its a jiff?


Exactly, there are coffees where you can make the mixture with normal tobacco, but in others it is not allowed to mix with tobacco. In cafés that do not allow tobacco, they give you a free tobacco substitute (herbal mixtures)


I like the sound of that. I want to try it.