Experience in Amsterdam 6th and last day: Last purchases + We tested the Bruce Banner strain.

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Hello Smokers! Welcome to the sixth and last day of our adventure in Amsterdam.

How are friends? It's been a couple of months since I made the first publication of this series Experimenting Amsterdam. From the first moment I have felt a great support and I have received fantastic comments of value,for that reason, I am immensely happy and grateful with all of you. 💚💚💚
And as expected everything has a beginning and an end, I sincerely hope you enjoy this latest publication of the series as you have enjoyed the others.

After the night so moved that we had between the magic truffles and the fire alarm, we stayed in bed a little longer than usual and about 12 in the morning we headed back to Amsterdam central. Without thinking much we went straight to the coffeeshop Kadinsky, We ordered two chocomel and we rolled up the last remaining head of the Californian Gello strain. It was a pleasure to have this delight in our hands.

We took advantage of the fact that we were in the center and stopped at some stores to give us the last whims of the trip.

I could not leave Amsterdam without taking a glass pipe and we went into a couple of stores until I found one that caught my attention.

The whole pipe is made of glass. Its transparent body and blue head with crackle effect. In the center it has a button with a flower as decoration.


These kind of details are quite psychedelic, as well as tripphobic.

In the same store where we bought the glass pipe we also bought a tray so as not to waste anything else on the table.

The tray is standard size, neither very nor very small, perfect for easy storage in a drawer. The material is metallic and weighs hardly anything.

What I like the most is the illustration and that's why I chose this tray.

A fox with white eyes and the third eye open. Two mountain goats and among them the eye that sees everything, the eye of providence. Very Illuminati haha.

A little later we came across the City Seeds Bank store

In this store there are all kinds of products made with cannabis and all the paraphernalia and more than you can imagine. Amazing!!


On this occasion I was very struck by all the available cosmetic products. The clerk who attended us was very kind to us. He explained that all these cosmetic products are not a problem to transport them on the plane. Even so, knowing this, I did not want to risk buying something that I had to leave lying at the airport. So I bought two bars of soap, one for my sister @santa-sativa and one for me.


Back to the hotel we were on the tram and two stops before arriving at the hotel we saw a coffeeshop with neon lights Smoke Palace.

We could not resist ... that was going to be the last coffeeshop that we were going to tread in a long time. So we got off the tram and entered.

Here our choice was the powerful strain Bruce Banner

As we had to return to the hotel to fill our bags and close them, we bought a gram of Bruce Banner that cost us around 9 euros and we left for the hotel.

💪 This variety as its own name indicates ... it becomes a beast once you set it on fire. 💪

Their buds are dense, tight and sticky. THC content is quite powerful, can even say that it was one of the varieties that made me more effect, reaching to destroy me.

With the amount we had of Bruce Banner we could make two giant joints. The first we did on normal king paper.

All the rest we prepare it in a Juicy hemp wraps, here in Spain we call them Blunt of flavors and when I asked the dependent of the coffeeshop Do you have Blunt? He looked at me with a strange face and told me he did not know what it was. Then I looked around the counter and there were blunts of flavors and I told the clerk that, that's a blunt! and we all burst out laughing 🤣

The envelope brings two blunt with tropical flavor. When I opened the bag I stuck my nose in to smell it but it had such a sweet smell that I wanted to taste it.


The paper was fresh, I could even say a little wet. I did not know if I was going to know how to roll it well without spoiling the paper. I was afraid it would go wrong.


I started to grind all the remaining buds of the Bruce Banner and put it in the blunt. This time I was not going to use any tobacco.


In the end the result was not as catastrophic as I expected, I could roll the paper well and without breaking it. What I liked the most was that when I tried it, I tasted the flavor I had and I liked it a lot.


After smoking these two beasts and having the suitcases ready it would be around ten o'clock at night, a perfect moment to take a break because at three in the morning we had to leave for the airport. Our plane left at a quarter to six in the morning. morning.

At three-thirty we deliver the cards at the hotel reception and ask for an Uber. The driver of Uber was very nice with us and told us that he was very happy with the work he has. Thing that here in Spain the drivers of Uber can not say...🙄

At the airport the wait was not long, go when you do not want to leave a place seems that the time passes faster.

An anecdote that I will not forget...

At the time of passing control, the guys on the tape who register the handbags found us two Chocomel. We were barefoot and about to go through the scanner machine when security told us:

-Quiet, calm if you want you can drink the chocomel here before going through the scanner.

And so we did, the two barefoot in the terminal drinking two cans of chocomel in front of five airport guards. It was quite a detail on his part.


Well friends now we have reached the end of this trip. We enjoyed it very much and tried to squeeze it to the maximum within our possibilities. Also comment that at all times we went with the sweatshirts that we made of Smoke.io. Although in the end only a few people asked us, I am sure that more than one person who did not say anything has noticed the name.

Thank you all for following this story and reaching the end, without a doubt Amsterdam is a city that deserves to be visited for many reasons. Soon, I will publish an index with all the visited sites and their locations, in case you ever visit this city you have something to start with.


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Excellent post bud!


Thanks! Really, if they are beautiful ... but their flavor and their monstrous effects

What a cool experience. Thanks for wearing the smoke hoodie. Even if few noticed it is better than none :p BTW the cleaning tray looks slick :)


If I am wanting to repeat! We did what we could with the sweatshirts, but we still use them in our city and they are going to be useful! The tray is fine, but the next one will be bigger. Thanks for the visit!!

Yes. I'm glad to hear that after the shrooms everything was alright. Doesn't he soup smell of hemp? I would love to try it one day. It was a pleasure reading your Amsterdam series. I can't wait to visit that city one day. And I can't wait to read that guide to the places you visited. It will be a great guide line for me.


Sii! We did not get a third eye or anything strange :). The soap has a special smell, it smells very good but I do not relate it to hemp. I have to say, I have not used the soap yet, I will soon start using it to wash my face. Surely if you go to Amsterdam some day you will enjoy it a lot. Thank you for following the series of Experimenting Amsterdam, for your interest, comments and support.
That guide will arrive !!

Yeah, Amsterdam is a great place to visit :) Did you go to the Hash museum? Did you visit #TheBulldog or #TheGreenHouse? These #Coffeeshops are very famous in Amsterdam. And did you try any food with cannabis?


Iis highly recommended! Well, of all the places you mentioned, I only visited the Bulldog coffeeshop. But I have visited other coffeeshops, you can read it in the other publications. Above you have the list ☝🏼
Cannabis edibles we tested two brownies one light and one strong, I also talk about it in previous posts. This is the last of the series. Thank you for your visit! : D

Congratulations!!! you have just completed the first(I hope of many) "Smoke.io-Stoners Guide of Amsterdam",I really enjoyed your stories ;-)


Many thanks! I hope that is the first of many :D

Congratulations for the nice tour..... you did it! I am in Austria now... See you in Malaga when I come back in October this year.


Thank you! It was incredible to do it and share them with all you :))

Yes I know! at the end between one thing and another I have not had occasion to approach there. Have a great stay! See you when you return and thank you for visit.

  ·  last year

Great post....really like the tray...


Thank you!! To me too, that's why I chose it: D

  ·  last year

Awesome post. Cheers


Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

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