I Felt awful and I had the shakes, on busy days, the meals you miss ...So I got falafel and I got a shake ...on my way to Irie Bliss

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3 months ago

I was in the old New England town of Weymouth


for another one of the Pheno cup seed drops at a newly opened boutique Irie Bliss, that I had been wanting to check out, but I was hungry. On the way over I saw a sign that said Shawarma , one of my favorite foods, but it was paired with Shakes....Genius


I'm like hey! I brake for shakes


....and Shawarma


I was very impressed with the level of quality here at Shawarma and Shakes, very clean and the people behind the counter are fun, and very nice.


They also surprisingly have a great selection of cannoli


and other pastries.


I was also very impressed with the freshness of my Falafel wrap, Sadly no hemp milk shakes today. I will be back at some point for some shawarma, so maybe next time ;) plus


Irie Bliss is only a Few Bowl packs away,


and I definitely do like this store. Lots of great cannabis based items, well stocked with friendly staff.


I was happy to meet them in person, and check out what they have got going on here. There is another store in nearby Rockland MA and they just recently opened this Weymouth location. It is nice to see members of the cannunity coming together to solve problems and get things done.


The Pheno cup is a really good time.

I like to go to events like these seed drops to meet other "weedies", who are also looking to get involved in this year's competition.


I have been really impressed with the level of community that the people of the New England area's robust growing scene have risen to. In the past few years, I've made a lot of good friends,


really knowledgeable folks who are doing interesting things.


Like, for instance, the folks from Hippie Chick and Mary Palmer
who are putting out interesting and cool products in a way that reminds me of the merch scene of old school indie rock.


Actually, I think cannabis may be the new indie rock.


I mean live music is otherwise broken these days, and amazing venues like Irie Bliss


may be able to pave the way forward, toward regaining our lives.


You can't separate people from music. In a sense, people are music.


There's something about fellowship. It doesn't happen over a webcam. It doesn't happen over a phone call. It just doesn't. There's something about the chemistry of physically meeting up, in real life. There's something about vibe and mood that you can't experience, unless you're there.


This is what we're being robbed of. That is our snare.

Shawarma and Shakes and Irie Bliss ...HIGHLY Recommended

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Another very interesting post 🙂 some delectable munchie foods....and. Irie bliss is quite a cool name..🇧🇴


well fed
eyes red