Review: Personal Stash Of San Fernando Valley OG Kush

7 months ago

San Fernando Valley OG being trimmed and placed in jars for curing.

I had received one seed from someone earlier this year for this strain and when I looked more into it I saw that it was an indica-dominant; which had me elated. Most of my grows are sativa-dominant and for once I was going to have an indica (keeps ya' inda-couch) for when I really wanted a good, solid relaxing high.

I added this to my last grow and it finally had cured to the honey spot that I was comfortable with and Sunday morning I woke up to some nausea settling in and threatening to ruin the one day hubby was home with me for the week. Well, I couldn't have that!

This plant was quite easy to grow. Never gave me any issues and was fairly tolerable to the over-crowding in the grow tent. Its stems were thick and grew to about one-inch in diameter near the soil. I love hearty stems. Gotta have that to hold up the weight of the forthcoming buds and branches.

This is the first time I have EVER done a review for cannabis, so if I forget something, a topic, a critique... just let me know and I can update my post to accommodate the information.

My Review


Oh this is going to be fun.

Let me first start this section by saying... I am not a seasoned cannabis user. HECK- I just started consuming it over the last four or so months. So give me some leeway here when it comes to the effects I share. You can laugh... you can comment some fun things. I can handle it! Hell, hubby had a great time with this cause it was the first time he was here live when I was high. Well, at least this high

  • I ordered dinner over the phone. Hubby wanted pizza and whatever my man wants... he gets. So I called the local pizzeria that delivers and this is where my first encounter with the outside world had me... realizing just how high I was. And after only three hits!
  • I'm not exactly sure if it was the SFVOG-K effect making my voice seem lower than normal, or if the girl taking my order was having problems hearing me due to the restaurant noise in the background; but regardless,I had to repeat my order twice. Sigh... Hubby was rolling over in the living room with this one. Although won't admit to the volume of my voice when I was ordering. Grrr
  • I was watching a pro-football game and SWORE I heard the QB say Playstation... Playstation (think Peyton Manning's chant of Omaha... Omaha). This actually had me chuckling... hubby watched me with a smirk upon his face and I knew... I just knew he was having fun with this.
  • My nausea disappeared after about 20 minutes of the third hit. The effect started enveloping me maybe five minutes after the third hit. SUCCESS for diminishing the nausea! The nausea NEVER returned and I was able to eat and enjoy two slices of pizza. The only food I had eaten all day.


When I first checked into this strain after receiving the seed, I was pretty excited to see it had a lemon-y flavor to it. I am VERY partial to lemon so this had me ready to grow it, share with my patients and to try it for myself.

The immediate taste sensation is the earthy tone. Very evident. Very prominent. But not in any way harsh to the throat or taste buds. The lemon burst came after the earthiness dissipated some. It was a refreshing flavor... I took a second hit off the pipe just to get to the lemon aftertaste. So worth it! Third hit coming up!


While I didn't clone this particular plants, as I saw the seed as a bonus grow, I am wishing I had cloned it. I could have had an indica-dominant future grow. But that's ok... I have some new seeds on the way now of another indica-dominant strain.

The SFVOG-K definitely is one for the I'm ready to go to bed toke. Within 45-minutes of the final hit, I was ready to curl up on the sofa with hubby and drool all over. I did shut my eyes for about 10 minutes and let the euphoria take me away (this is when I heard the "Playstation, Playstation" from the QB). I did end up with a second-wind of energy too. Nice added bonus in the end.

If you're looking for a nice relaxation strain, I HIGHLY recommend SFVOG-K to be your choice. It also does wonders for easing nausea and I can see myself reserving this strain for just this occasion.





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Awesome review @goldendawne and I am so glad it helped you with your nausia.
Never tried that strain myself but I have one strain(I don't know what exactly it is) right now , which looks so alike with yours with similar effects.
This is it

I have had this before and it is night night for me too lol. Great Review!


Oh yes! This is definitely a do not go anywhere after you hit it strain. It was just what I needed for the nausea and relaxation I was looking for.

Fantastic review, such a refreshment after reading most of the same type reviews yours came as a cake after J


lol- Thank you!!
When I was deciding what to say in the review, I knew i had to give some instances on how it affected me. To just say... It was awesome! or that YOU need to try this one! was not giving this strain the true story and recognition of what I felt it deserved and how it helped me. If someone who suffers from severe nausea can read this, buy it and use it and it helps them too... then I am thrilled beyond words!

What ever your man gets, right on. He better, and i do imagine he is a great guy to get this treat ment ;)


lol- yeah- he's the best! He supports all my adventures. He laughs more than he should at my antics, but still... I can be amusing I suppose.


right on! I love hearing positive stuff

i am so new to the smoke world mehn...

so theres the indica strain too?
i only know of sativa