Review: Gorilla Zkittles- Me & My Brother Had A "Smoke-Off"

6 months ago

Measuring out an ounce of Gorilla Zkittlez for my brother. (don't worry I added the other gram to his goodie-bag!

Over the weekend we went to a neighbor's estate sale with my brother and after that we had to deliver the items he had purchased and after getting to his house (a 45-minute drive) we settled in for him to taste and sample some of my most recent harvest.

I harvested Gorilla Zkittlez, Cheese, AK47 and Critical.

We decided to have a Smoke-Off and see who could give the best review!

Gorilla Zkittlez- Combination Of GG 4 and Zkittlez- Indica Dominant Hybrid

  • My Brother's Review Of Gorilla Zkittlez. (He couldn't get over the taste)
    "Mellow and smooth!"
    "Oh dude! Tastes like I'm walking through a pine forest! Damn!"
    "Wholly Sh*t! The taste lingers and makes my mouth water for more."

  • My Review Of Gorilla Zkittlez
    "Talk about having an all over body experience! We had been moving furniture this day and shopping at the estate sale and my ENTIRE body started relaxing within minutes of my first hit!"
    "Tastes like an... orange? No wait! Berries? A little of both! The first flavor that hit my tongue was citrus... followed by a sweet berry mix. Oh My Lord! It was divine!"

Overall Review

I was able to get the fruitiness from this strain whereas my brother picked up more of the earthy tones. Odd... but... either way we both enjoyed this strain... a little too much I think!

I'm not sure what the potency of my grow was for the GZ, I have seen online that most websites selling GZ seeds claims a THC level and percentage of about 24%. I've never had any of my harvests or cannabis tested, but I will say this, the relaxed feeling stayed with me for about four hours after my first hit. And considering I felt the effects immediately, I would have to assume the strength of THC is upper teens to low 20's.

I honestly don't think my brother knew of my cannabis growing abilities because his first hit of the GZ; he hit it pretty hard and started coughing. I thought maybe it was too harsh... but luckily he said his hacking fit was of his own doing not the GZ.

I am beyond thrilled that I decided to clone this one for the next harvest and crop. Since I grew these from seeds I will have a forever clone/mother plant too.

Why I Like To Hear Others' Thoughts On My Harvests & Product

This is GREAT feedback for me!

  • First knowing about the taste tells me if there are nutrient after tones and taste; which means the flushing process wasn't done long enough.
  • Second, the high strength lets me know if enough of the trichomes were the correct color when harvesting. I do have a new microscope to look at the trichomes, etc and see how they're progressing, but I can't see every single one to know enough have changed.
  • And finally, the feedback will tell me if any changes need to be done to my entire process; from veg/cloning to harvest's end. Since I keep strict records, I can always look back to see what could have happened or gone wrong and I can pinpoint what I need to change.






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I used to love smoke offs. Now I really enjoy solo sessions.

Lovely looking flowers

Best time of the year, enjoying your work. Have fun, you deserved it!

That sounds like a fun time! Looks tasty too.

So who was the last one standing? Lol, thanks for the review. It sound like some smoko I need to try, bong on. :-)