Observing More In The Grow Room & With The Plants: Review Of New Microscope

last year

On my cell phone I have a magnifying glass and flashlight combo app, but my husband wanted me to try a microscope for looking at the trichomes, plants and buds better; so I decided to buy one. It's not pricey, considering the other ones I was looking at, and it states that it zooms 1000x; so I figured I'd give it a try.

I purchased this one at the end of January, but had to set aside some time to figure it out; connect to laptop and phone, etc. It didn't come with very good instructions and thankfully I am a google person so I was able to find more information online as well as a website that offered up the way to view images taken from the microscope for my laptop.

Only dislike so far is that the website needed to view the images on my laptop requires a donation of about $40. Now I have no issue with paying someone who created this website for viewing, but $40? That's a little too much for me. I am pretty much literate on the computer (self taught for almost everything) but when it comes to coding, HTML and apps... I am clueless.

When I used the website AMCAP to view the images they were WONDERFUL! So vivid... such clarity! But without the donation made, every image has a red line diagonally through it. It's more of a nuisance than anything and I can deal with the red line... but I just wish in the description of the microscope it had clearly stated this was something that needed to be additionally purchased to use properly. So if anyone knows of an alternative, please can you pass along to me? Thank you!

If I can't find a different way to view the images on my laptop, I may just have to hunker down and pay the $40.

You do need to have a steady hand when using this for the most optimal results and it's best to have the oscillating fan turn off to keep the branches, stems and buds still.

After I trimmed the last harvest and it had dried and cured, I did use the microscope to view the dried buds better. I was actually quite amazed at what I could see and this time (for the current flowering plants), I am going to take some before and after images to compare and share. I didn't think to do that this past time; plus I was just learning how to operate the microscope.

If anyone has experience with this particular, or a similar, microscope and you want to share some tips and ideas with my, it would be appreciated.

YKSINX USB Digital Microscope, 40 to 1000 x High Resolution Camera, Built-in 8pc led lights USB Microscope Camera, HD USB Magnification Endoscope with OTG Adapter and Metal Stand






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Cool! I always wanted to get one myself.


I need to take some more time and mess around with it
But I'm glad I finally bought one

Hey! I have the same thing! But mine is only @ 500x and I have no issues taking photos with my laptop and looking at them immediately after, in my pictures folder... You described it well and shakes a lot, but when one imagines how magnified is that and that every single minuscule move makes a huge difference. But fun thing for sure!


Curious.... do you need a program? I can;t get mine to do anything without that AMCAP program online and it's ticking me off- lol


Hey dudette, yeah I've got the program I found online, and it is even for free - maybe you even have it! Its called Microsoft Windows :)
Sorry for the sarcasm, but really every MS Windows will run that USB cam. Just go in the search bar look for a camera. When you find it and click on it, pc cam will be running - just switch from that one to USB cam on a button in the interface (there are not many buttons so just hover over them to reveal the function) and you are good to go! Now we have a little macro competition going on here :)
If you have a mac, I guess a similar thing will give the same result.
Hope this helps.


Not working?

This is cool ive been looking to get a loupe for some time now.

Hey ! thanks for posting this!! that´s bad that they don´t give you the software with the microscope, could you tell me the microscope brand? I am still thinking in buying one


I already tossed the box it came in- but here is the link from when I bought it on amazon.


cool, thanks!are you on Mac/Windows/linux?

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