What's Your Flavor?

last month

As I make my way through different medicines, I find some gems.

I find some horrific items as well.

Most of the items are the same

Many just remade for each brand.

Dixie Elixir's are both

Hidden gems for how they work

Horrific for their taste


The Fruit Punch was the best cold

Half and Half is the worst tasting to me.

Cost : $20

Strength : 100 MG

Size 250 ml

Flavor: varies

Have you ever tried a Dixie Elixir?

#life #elixir #flavor

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Is $20 for all 5 or each?

Obviously none of that is accessible here but based on old taste bud knowledge, I would lean towards tea, ginger, and then the Terpene flavoring.


They are $20 each for 100mg of THC

I do put my homemade elixir in tea, it's awesome.


Holy crap. Sounds like Canadian rip-off prices have hit your state too.

That's worse than the £50 CBD gin (500ml bottle).


Pricing sucks in US so far

Drinking cannabis infused is a whole another level of edibles. Besides my home made canna milk, I’ve only had infused Sauvignon Blanc.


Liquid THC is my favorate so far