Gorilla Dog ~ 1g Hybrid ~ Neat Trick learned

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6 months ago

This Gorilla Dog is made for a vape. I started grabbing these RSO Sap's to use around the house since I don't want to smoke around the kids.



This smoked well when it was already in the vape but trying to fill the vape using the container this comes in is less than ideal.

It is super thick and sticky until you heat it.

Something wonderful can happen at that point.

Once @Tecnosgirl told me about making extracts, I am experimenting with EVERYTHING.

I heated this in the over at 235 for 15 minutes.

I used 20% of the tube on a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate.

I got so high I was 200% useless.

I felt like I was walking out of my shoes, if that makes sense.

All I could pull myself together to do was color with my 7 y/o

Taste: Like Ass
Smell: Very little
High: Too fucking high, lol

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hahaha, once we used dark chocolate to "clean" the pot of FECO - You always struggle to get the last bit of oil oit of the pots, so we just melted a lot of dark choc into the pot with it - It turned out to be proper 'fuckmeuppers'
So I definitely hear you brother....

The dark chocolate was a good choice to aide in delivery LOL maybe a bad choice?

LMFAO still can't find RSO in shops here 🤞 soon ... right now can get it online though


Dark chocolate is the key. But can get dangerous when higher THC rather than microdosing.

Not sure if 160mg ON dark chocolate still qualifies as microdosing ROFL.


No I don't think it does 😆