Flow Purple Erkle Strain Review & Smokeout Video - from Light Deprivation Greenhouse

22 days ago

Today I decided to do a strain review of one of our primo strains - Flow Purple Erkle. This strain is a semi-heavy Indica with the flavor you would expect from a strain with "purple" in it's name. The Flow is fruity and slightly pungent, and its effects are pleasant and very relaxing to the frequent smoker, I imagine it would cause couch lock for the lighter cannabis user however.


Another strain out of our light dep. greenhouse - all the strains that come out of light dep. grows are as close to indoor quality as you can get without it actually being indoor. The results are minimal loss to powdery mildew (P.M.) & mold for most strains, and yields comparably to outdoor if your grow spacing is correct.


I forget what the breeder told me the lineage was, but I do know that it is a cross between Purple Erkle & something else.

But enough of what I think about this strain, let's get to testing it out again. The following video shows me testing out the F.P.E. in my Delta9 bong. Enjoy - I know I did.

Click pic below to play:

Stay Lit Bredrin


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Great review man! Yeah i know all to well about the PM. What do you guys use to spray, if you do spray? I use a neem oil based spray in veg, but in flower i use a solution of cal/mag. Same thing that i water with, works great.


Green Clean, neem oil, and serenade works great for keeping away PM - however if you have a smaller grow or a lot of patience and spare time, the best thing I have found is to spray the tops and bottoms of all your leaves with Dr. Brauner's. It both prevents PM and is an effective organic pest control method, the only thing is you have to do this every other day religiously until about 3 weeks into flower, then stop. Its kind of a tedious approach but it works great.

Looks bright and fresh on the picture . Purple taste..haha..


And indeed it is. Oh yes purple taste.

I love purple urkel. Haven't seen it in flower form in Illinois.


Its beautiful, even better as THC concentrate.

Never tasted the purple before, yeah- Taste

I prefer sipping in Teas and soups, works more on me.


Smile.. See who likes to sip here. Cool bro!


Thanks brother, wishing you a prosperous new year.


For sure, I love ingesting cannabis through vegan, organic edibles I cook myself with cannabis-infused coconut oil that I also create. I feel the effects are cleaner, and longer lasting compared to smoking or vaporizing the flowers.


Oh Wow, i use to think i'm alone and weird doing that