Green Spirit - Strain Review and photography! Great Nugs of the planet ...

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Green Spirit - Strain Review and #photography


Close up looks wonderful, with meaty leaf holding drenched bud

This is one balanced hybrid strain, and being UK was obviously also an indoor grow.


Huge bud prior to breaking down to split with respective owners. this one really shows some great purple notes ...

Getting more artistic with the top view, through a magnifying lens


Buds are heavy and large, yielding decent crystals and trichomes and all the good hairy orange and white parts, and the smell is distinctly marijuana, nice gassy high notes, some oranges lemons and perhaps even real cat piss smell (but not taste). You know it's real when it smells like a tom cat has been on the loose in your room. The high is certainly strong as advertised, yet I've found it highly clear-minded especially compared with last Cambridge Cream. I'm having no trouble writing this now and feeling buzzed yet motivated - this is a great morning high, but not a good night-time one as it would keep me awake a little.

The other view from the top!


There isn't much more to say review wise, especially where Green Spirit (GSP) is a well documented hybrid strain, of tried and tasted Big Bud and Skunk #1 heritage. As pictures speak a thousand words, let's get on with them. I rolled a huge one on Saturday morning my day off, made a coffee, then after I sat down, photographed all this lot and edited them using simple Apple photo tools or PhotoShop Express for iOS (all free software), apart from the cover image which is done in Ps CS6 for OSX.


Let me hold you and feel your strength, does it crack and break down, or is it firm and squeezy? This one is firm ... meaty bud.

On it's side


Shouts out to make this post happen ... goes out to buddies I persuaded (no names), for my running around, that I get to make this #nugporn first; after I had to break down this huge champion single bud which weighed in at 3 grams! Buying in bulk didn't save any money, but it did mean the plumpest prime cuts.

How could you possibly not want to just look at it all day? That is, until you find you smoked like a third already and it's time to get the tea and toast on.


Above - really the light is a bit off, it is a bit brighter in color however I struggled to correct this image and left it 'as is' in the end)

B&W not only looks great, it gives us another way of looking at the textures and foliage


Thanks to this interesting website I found which appears to also feature a crypto wallet ... might need delve into details and explore further later, (name on that strain review shot above). If nothing else for ideas to bring back home (i.e. I just stumbled on it whilst I looked up the reported strain name. Appears that indeed Green Spirit is a known variety, legit 'goumet kush', and not just another made up UK blackmarket, unknown nutrient induced super skunk.

But how does it SMOKE?

I think I already said, like the best of the best and again I am completely spoiled. Perhaps it is the karma of joining that let it happen? I love to think so and thank you all for showing your love back ... being here feels like you'll never need SMOKE alone :]

Easy's final score = 5/5 an awesome head bobber


thanks website named on the image

Close up and sexy shot

More Borrowed Information

| Green Spirit marijuana strain is good for evening and daytime medical and recreational use.
| Type of High
| Green Spirit marijuana strain induces strong cerebral euphoria followed by relaxation. Uplifts mood, boosts energy, prompts social interactions and laughter. Relieves stress, relaxes the body, has good analgesic and antispastic properties.
| Genetics
| Green Spirit cannabis strain is a cross between #Big-Bud and #Skunk #1.

All of that I can vouch for, and couldn't really put it better myself. I'm completely spoilt rotten, and feel like a happy princess in a castle with this Green Spirit...I also feel I could drift off into some movies or games along with it. A new favorite and one to be remembered, luckily by my post today I'll be able to come back and recall again and again ...

#green-spirit #reviews

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Would love to try this green spirit :) Great review :)


you're welcome and thanks to you and all commenters today

Nice looking bud with a touch of purple on the leaves. 3 grams is a big one - puff puff pass :)


ya the big one was awesome - must be the big bud part of the hybrid indeed

Keep puffin' for a high my friend!


ain't nuffin' gonna keep me from that today my dear!

Looks great, not the best trimmings but nice batch.


It's fab this one, waxy and sticky too

What good looks does that bud have, it makes you want to eat it in one bite. Enjoy it!