All Hemp RIZLA+ 'Natura' - Easy's Papers Review #5! [bonus Nugporn inside]

6 months ago

all-hemp-rizla - 3.jpg

Welcome to my latest #skinz #review !

Hope ya'll been having a blast. Now, let's see what we got us here shall we? A well known brand, RIZLA+ has been delivering the goods for years. Today, we see they're venturing into new markets and providing some gilt-edged king skinz for us to check out.

all-hemp-rizla - 1 (1).jpg

Down to the very last detail! Once all the paper and inserts are gone, we find the design is also showing underneath. Nice touch. They must have been good, as they've not lasted long and been pampered to the end.

Fairly clear what these are about. Another eco-friendly pitch, and it sure feels like it. You can make out hemp fibers throughout the paper and the packet.

all-hemp-rizla - 9.jpg

Now these do lend to a slight roughness in smoking which is hard to place, the only thing i could nitpick to mark these down. A bit too hemp cloth feeling but not really? Like I said, hard to place and some I'd recommend to anyone.

Isn't it about time we included some #nugporn up in here? There you go. See my previous about these guys - Cambridge Cream on the left, Cheese on the right. Yum yum ... different like dinner and dessert.

all-hemp-rizla - 6.jpg

Chopped and ready to roll, with some handy tips. Did I mention this post was also for me to show off a bit of #photography? Ok ... scores coming soon.

all-hemp-rizla - 3.jpg

Review Scores - @easyrider's ESSFT Paper Test - Ease, Safety, Stickability, Flammability, Taste

patent pending

Rolling Ease6/6the brownish crinkly paper is malleable in the hands
Safety6/6No staples or any inorganic materials, plastics or otherwise. Every piece can be used (later as roach material).
Stickability / Gum6/6Usual RIZLA+. quality
Flammability6/6It burns, like really well
Taste4/6Nothing perfect in the taste of any paper, and this is a smooth yet slightly keen burner. There is no aftertaste and it does however not do the weed many favours.

TOTAL | 28

Virtually top scores for this one. I'd get them again as they are real nice looking, and work inside out or normally wrapped. Easy to roll, amazingly useful protective and running out strips.

all-hemp-rizla - 1 (2).jpg

Final nice touch!

I knew you wanted more of that Cambridge Cream ....


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Slightly above average papers for me. Bud, on the other hand is nothing like that. Looks fresh light green. Nice

Nicely designed pack. Good attention to detail. Although I had preferred “sustainably sourced” over “from responsible sources”. The latter feels like PR brownie points for the sake of but without real commitment.

You had me at those tails in the Cream but then that last shot is real <3.

Nice break down of the review, I have never heard of these type rizzla. I always use to use the black pack before I fpund RAW.

I really know how this feels, with the right paper comes the right wrap. Nothing feels more annoying than a f*cked up dope!