A review session with Bulldog Papers

last year

Global Cannabis Brand 'Bulldog' Amsterdam

I didn't know how big they had become, with cafes and restaurants now around the world. This post was to focus on the papers, yet we must make a special mention for a bit of awesome history behind the brand. https://www.thebulldog.com is their website where you can learn a lot more about this fascinating cafe opened officially in 1985 on the site of a former police station!

Today's Skinz review are a little bit special, since I did in fact once go - memory of the Bulldog is hazy since my visit there was around 20 years ago, on a university friends' stag weekend!

These Bulldogs have not much that hasn't been said about great papers going for them. A new favorite of mine! Smoking products with provenance and a story ... Let's have a look at why and share a little more nug photography with you along the way ...

bulldog - 1 (2).jpg

Coming in two pack varieties, this being the bumper edition with fabulous roaches built in. VERY handy, and they're just the right size and fit for the papers. Although I don't think bleach free, I can't be sure - they are very clean feeling yet with no plastic or waxy properties at all. In other words, white as white, yet very natural feeling and high quality.

Sticking with the quality, first lets see the watermark ... always the mark of good non-generic papers

bulldog - 1 (4).jpg

An absolutely true and awesome story of the 'Bulldog cafe' brand ..

bulldog - 1 (6).jpg

"In the early days, Hank and his customers were arrested literally hundreds of times, the police station became like a second home to them. When Amsterdam police headquarters came up for sale in the mid-eighties, we knew it was time for a bold new statement. The Palace was born, the fight for legalization continued"

Nice touches - the quality wrapper before you get to the first paper ...

bulldog - 1 (1).jpg

The running out strip kicks in at 5 to go, and it's a fantastic one at that, you can't ignore it!

bulldog - 1.jpg

What @easyrider used to test the papers with!!!

(Mandatory #nuporn section)

Cambridge Cream

bulldog - 1 (5).jpg

Crumbled to more manageable proportions and ready to roll!

bulldog - 1 (3).jpg

I was enjoying these papers so much I actually forgot to take more photos of them being rolled up with.

Rolling Ease6/6these are great, almost perfect for rolling with. some of the easiest yet.
Safety/Environmental6/6No plastic, no metal, no magnets, no staples(!).. nothing.
Stickability / Gum6/6Top quality gum and a wide enough for inside out rolling
Flammability6/6Burns exactly like a paper should, and with evenness hardly believable
Taste6/6Tasteless, no harshness. Very smooth and natural taste, sometimes even the hemp papers taste a bit 'cloth'. Not here.


An incredible score, top rated papers you should pick up if you have the chance. You'll not be disappointed.

bulldog - 2.jpg

Sorry for the slight blur, you can see how cool the pack is to roll up with - it looks like the dog is holding the papers :)

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Love their papers. I remember I used to roll only in them in Dam. Think you could give bigger grade in environmental section. They don't seem to be to hard cover and no metal or magnets.


You are right, i was strugglin' to mark them down on SOMETHING! Edited to even higher score :]_

The nug looks fire and you make then sound like great papers. What a cool story about the police station!


What's not to like, right? Can't wait to visit again someday the actual place ... not just the papers. An old police station ... what more appropriate place for a legalized smoke cafe :]_

The bulldog graphic is awesome, i'd want to grab for those papers. Included tips is that nice touch for the refined rollers :)


Yeah it's the graphic i like a lot. Makes you feel cool just rolling on these packs :]_

Thanks for this, I have never even saw these kinda paper before but I am sure now I will as it will catch my eye


Very glad to have bought them to attention, highly recommend. Yes, thinking about it took a while for me to spot them, they were there but I didn't click until I was actively hunting more interesting ones to review!


I normally always just end up sticking with raw brand when I go to the headshop

That police story got me, one of the reasons i should look for this rolling paper lol. Awesome review dear. Between you nailed it with a tasty nug.


Many thanks to you Jessica! Yeah the police station being leased for a weed cafe is magic history they have ...

Nice review of the paper and that police station part is cool. I´ll look for the paper and see whether it´s available here in Spain. Thanks for sharing your review.