Inexpensive Yet Reliable pH Meter? Jellas Brand Has My Vote

5 months ago

A Reliable pH Meter Used to be $80-$100

Though prices have come down to around $60 for a waterproof, high quality meter, there are some inexpensive brands which work very well. I've been using the Jellas brand pH meter for almost 2 years now and it works great.
They're usually under $20 shipped

It comes with packets of calibration solution powder, so you can mix your own calibration solution. Saves you the trouble of initially buying separate bottles of calibration solution. Not exactly what you want to be doing when you need a meter on the cheap and quick.

Jellas pH Meter 'Yellow'

After 15 Years of Hydro

using drops and expensive meters, I'm happy this one works as well as it does. I'm planning on getting a strong plastic baggie and a rubber band. Make it water proof like the expensive ones. lol :D

Go BE Awesome!!

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