Making A Tasty Cannabis Salad • “Roast the Rainbow” Review • no.001

last year


The only salad this guy enjoys... Cannabis Salad

I’m no vegan or vegetarian, so my idea of a ‘great salad’ often varies steeply from most. I always tell my kids to ‘Eat the Rainbow’ and then it dawned on me that while I had some adult time, I might as well roast the rainbow, too. I mean, who can resist?


My Salad Ingredients (basically #nugporn 😆)

Garlic Cookies 33.7% THC Indica-dominant Hybrid (90/10)

Beautiful Nightmare 17.8% THC / Sativa

Poe G 17.3% THC / Hybrid

Birthday Cake 26.9% THC / Indica-dominant Hybrid

Black Cherry Maduro 13.4% THC / Indica

• Crowd Pleezur (#review coming soon!) 28.9% THC / Hybrid

Now that we have our ingredients, let’s begin!

I like to take an equal amount of each #strain and load the grinder. Try not to smash the goods! Grind with care. We are after a nice, high-quality salad so be gentle.


Time to Grind the Rainbow 🌈

After you get your mix to your liking, it’s time to grind! This helps to mix it, but remember to aim for a smooth grind instead of smashing it all in there. If you need to grind small amounts at a time, I recommend doing so to save those precious #trichomes. Enough preaching, let’s see what my “salad” looks like...


Time to Roast The Rainbow 🌈

I ended up with a nice mixture of colors in this concoction. Not only did I cover the color spectrum pretty well, but also included everything from Sativa to Indica and hybrids in between.

Now That Is A Potent Salad!

My concluding thoughts on mixing cannabis

I found that mixing a little of each strain is a great way to enhance the payoff when consuming cannabis.

After I had combusted this mixture in a glass water pipe and I found the taste embodies so many flavors and subtle notes that I have nothing to compare it to.

Because every strain and mixture will be different, there really is no way to explain it. You simply have to experiment for yourself.

My Cannabis salad really kicked hard! It was a full-spectrum experience. Not only was I met with a wave of terpenes on the first toke, but also a mind and body rush. It was synergy at its best. I felt relaxed, yet very alert and awake.

I felt like it was a very balanced feeling and I really enjoyed the effects. It was a hard and fast hitting mix that really stands in a place of its own. I have never experienced so many effects at one time from combusting a single strain of cannabis as I did with this mixture.

I would recommend that anyone who has not mixed their medical cannabis to experiment!

Legal State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.

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I really enjoyed this in-depth review! My favorite way of mixing up my herb is when Im smoking it through a blunt 😋


Agreed! Wrap that salad 😆
I was out of papers, cones, and wraps so I decided to test this mix out with a 1’ glass water pipe and also in the Gravitron (glass gravity) & it was sweeeeet!
Thanks @sergiofasho. Feel free to toss mix pics in here!!


Making a PB&J blunt:
Peanutbutter Breath 🥜😛 + Oregon Diesel (NYCD + Blackberry) 🍯⛽


Oooooooohhhhh YES
Let us know how that paper work turns out!
🔥🔥😎🤙 Fire it Up!
Update: 7 hours later...
You’ve inspired me to do some paper work over here with my salad

Interesting review + awesome pictures, trying this out myself would be pretty amazing 😀


Thanks @jessica

Do try it and toss some salad #nugporn in here if you’d like 😉🤙

I like salads too


Lil a this, lil o that 🤘😋

Add some shatter to the mix as a nice "dressing"


🤣 now that’s some real wisdom right there #davedickeyyall

What’s a great salad without the proper dressing?!

This is why I need you all ✌️😎 #smokefam

👀 delicious. Bravo daddy 👏


Thank you, thank you! Nothing like a yummy canna-salad 😆
Roast the Rainbow 🌈 when you can..LOL let’s say I Highly recommend it 😋

Got damn that is a tasty looking rainbow.


I’m about to roll round II once the youngsters go to bed


‘It doesn’t have to be pretty to get toasted’ 😆🤙

Would love to try that salad.... a mixture of different strains that sounded like a bomb!


It was pretty 🔥 @indaymers! The flavor of the mix was unlike any single strain I’ve ever had. I’m sure this community can really take this idea and ramp it up. Like @davedickeyyall suggested, maybe some shatter for ‘dressing’ might take this up a notch or two 🤤

Wow. Now that's a really tasty looking salad. This is my first time seeing someone mix so many strains together for a smoke. Cool.


I had a few ingredients so I figured ‘Might as well..’ 😋
It really does no justice for me to explain the effects. I recommend mixing n matching a little to experiment - you really never know what the results might be. Thanks for checking it out @zuculuz!! ✌️😎


A high can never be truly explained to someone who hasn't experienced that type of high for themselfs. Just like Lucy and shrooms. You can't explain someone truly what it's like, only what you saw and how the word looked like to you.

What state are you in bro? Grassroots stated in my state, founded by some guys from my home town actually. Looks like they got the fire in your state too, great company. We don't have a lot of these strains by them though


Maryland, @rawpride. They are an IL co, right?
I love every product by Grassroots that I have tried since obtaining my medical card. That was mainly my rationale behind snagging a few grams of each strain - I was trying to find a bad one. No luck!

They are on it! My local shop just got a few new strains by them and I haven’t heard of many of them but they test so much higher than most flower available. Not just THC but the terp levels in their flower, torches, and prerolls are super stacked. I wish I could get a sponsorship 😆😆😆 dude gimme da rooooooots to review cuz I love em!


Yeah, Illinois. I been grabbing the roots for a minute now. Their Triangle Kush is my fav. MAC is great, Bubba Diagonal. I'd love to try that Garlic Cookies though, we don't got that. They just released Chem de la Chem, haven't tried it yet.


I’ll have to keep eyes out for MAC and the Bubba Diagonal - I don’t think e have them here. If they have the Chemdawg strains then it’s a matter of time before the Garlic Cookies. Hopefully, federal laws change so we can start bringing these strains to a dispensary near everywhere 😋


Trust @rawpride on those two the are 🔥🔥🔥 My personal favorite by them is the Mob Boss!


hmmm...yummy delicious!
I want moreeeee...


Warning: If you follow me, we can both get lost forever
I got the flower if you got the fire @dargonx0x


thanks for the warning hahaha...
just followed you.