GSC CBD Strain Review - 2:1 CBD:THC Flower by Evermore cannabis

5 months ago


GSC CBD #Strain #Review - Maryland Medical Cannabis 🔞

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Strain: GSC CBD

grown by Evermore Cannabis / Maryland
purchased at The Sweetspot / Maryland

I visited a new dispensary in Olney, Maryland last week, called The Sweetspot. They had a special going on Saturday that was 15% off anything until 4:20pm. Needless to say I went to see what they had to offer. I asked the budtender to recommend a strain that was excellent for pain and inflammation and here is what I bought:

x2 1/8oz containers • Price: $51 for a quarter ounce 🤑

Zoom 🔎Open Container

Species: unknown

Genetics 🧬 - GSC X PENNYWISE


Potency 🔋 • 9.74% THC • 16.7% CBD

The batch I am reviewing here tested at 9.74% THC • 16.7% CBD

Lab Test 🧪


Full Report 📝

• THC: 9.74% • CBD: 16.70% • Pinene: .52% • Myrcene: 1.90% • Limonene: .24% • Caryophyllene: .19% • Terpinolene: .02% • Ocimene: .02% • Linalool: .08% • Humulene: .05% • Caryophyllene oxide: .01% • Trans-Nerolidol: .01%

GSC CBD flower

#TerpenesBenefits & EffectsAroma
MyrceneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative🍊🍋
CaryophylleneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation🍂🌳
LimoneneAnti-Inflammatory, Gastric Reflux, Appetite Control🍋
a-PineneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic🌲
b-PineneAnti-Depressant, Promotes Alertness🌲
TerpinoleneAntioxidant, Sedative, Anticancer, Antibacterial🍂🌹🍊
OcimeneDecongestant, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiseptic🌿
LinaloolAnti-Depressant, Anticonvulsant, Pain Relief, Sedative🍂🌹🌿

I think these terpenes are a good combo for the upcoming cold and flu season. Lots of benefits, plus this strain is accompanied by a nice level of #CBD as well.


Effects & Thoughts 💭

Not very ‘Cookie Family’ tasting, but it does have a nice light buzz. The darker buds and Orange hues certainly don’t shout ‘I’m GSC’, so if this weren’t labeled I would have no clue it was GSC.

Nonetheless, I bought this strain for the terpenes and CBD content. I was looking for something to calm some of my pain in my neck and spine and gave this GSC CBD a shot.

Great strain for pain

I found it very relieving on the body and easy on the mind. Very light and clear in the head, no Stoney feeling at all. Felt great using this in the morning. I remained active and alert all day without feeling burned out.

First Impression

Not the prettiest buds by any means. But don’t let that distract you from the benefit the GSC CBD strain. Very dense, dark green nugs and orange pistils galore. It smells like pineapple and spiced herbs. Pretty well coated with trichomes and a solid structure that makes the buds feel like stones.


👅 Flavor & Smell 👃

This batch of GSC CBD has more of a sour fruit, pineapple sort of taste mixed with a peppery herbal flavor. The sweetness is very mild, taste is more earthy and herbal spice than sweet. It has a bit of a pineapple taste on the exhale. Body feels light on the first few tokes and head feels clear. No ‘ripped out of mind’ head effects, all body with this one. Calming yet alert sort of vibe that I found great for day time use. Helped me with range of motion and pain relief all week.

Mood ☀️/🌙

It’s a calming and relieving strain that dulled my pain and allowed me to remain productive and mobile. Doesn’t slow down the mind, but it calms the body quite well. Clearheaded and alert, this reminds me of a good Sativa. I’m usually in a good mood when I’m not in pain, so I was smiles for miles.

🚨 Munch Alert ⚠️ LOW

No mega-munch alert on this one. I didn’t feel any more or less hungry while using this throughout the week.

In-Da-Couch Level 2 😴

Not a sedating sort of cannabis, to me at least. It is great for pain relief, so I used it day and night. I didn’t feel like in inhibited my sleep when smoking before bed. If mixed with an Indica, this could be a great ingredient for a night, night salad.

Final Score:

I found that it works great for inflammation and general aches and pain day or night. Has a light feeling and delivers a package of benefits with the terpenes. I found the flavor to be pretty enjoyable and the effects are equally as noteworthy. I ended up mixing this with some Ghost of the Mujahideen to create a pretty 🔥 #SALADBOWL (nighttime) blunt. Check out how you can make your own Cannabis Salad 🥗 Here.


Here is the GSC CBD with Ghost of the Mujahideen for #SALADBOWL Sunday’s

Daddy Daycare 2.0’s 🍩 RATING

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 (5/5)

this rating, like all ratings, is made up entirely.

A quarter of high CBD flower for $51 leaves me no choice but to praise the GSC CBD with all five 🍩’s.

State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use #Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.



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