Garlic Cookies aka GMO Review

6 months ago


Garlic Cookies 🍪 a.k.a. GMO Cookies

The indica-dominant hybrid that packs a serious punch. It’s a cross between Chemdawg x GSC and is a very potent, pungent, and flavorful #strain. This particular strain tests very high at around 30%+ and is a great strain for alleviating pain.


My 2 buds worth

The buds that I tried were tested at 33.70% TCHA and provided a intense body rush when I vaped it. No matter how you deliver this, it’s going to do the job. I felt relaxed and noticed a noticeable difference with my inflammation and range of motion without soreness. It hammers away pain for me, especially in the evenings. Not the best daytime strain, it’s a very hard hitting indica.

I’d say it’s a nighttime 🌛 strain unless you use it moderately. If you have a low tolerance then this strain may be very overwhelming if overly consumed. Recommended for people who are comfortable with their dosing and understand how their body & mind receive very high THC #flower. It’s a great way to prep for a goodnight sleep or just to relax.

Produced by: Grassroots to check out what sort of #cannabis they grow and learn more.

FLAVOR • 🍪⛽️

A subtle sweetness but this strain definitely carried the chem/petrol traits from the Chendawg genetics that stands out.


I give the Garlic Cookies a rating of 5 out of 5 donuts

Legal Medical Cannabis Cardholder 🔥 responsibly

Have you tried GCK / Garlic Cookies?

Let me know below. I’m new to so don’t be shy, say hi!

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Splendid review. It sounds like quite the good strain. It's greatly appreciated to see more reviews on smoke. Keep em coming. 🙏


Grateful for the love! It really was worth the review and I’m glad it was my first legal medical cannabis purchase!! I was really impressed with the power of the Garlic Cookies. I grabbed 7 strains and I feel like maybe 4 are worthy of review.. has to be at least 🍩🍩🍩 donut rating 😆

Love seeing fellow Canna Curate folk on here too. I did their original logo over there, good people. Thanks for the support!!


We are glad to have you here with us too. We are one love here. I love your use of emojis. Very creative. ✌️ Trust me with reviews you can't go wrong here. We all appreciate a good review more then anything

I picked up a GSC hybrid today also...Nightmare Cookies! Plan to do a review tomorrow. It might be the name or it might be the combo but I’m a fan. I’ll be thinking of you when I grab my cookies in the middle of the night 🤣


😆 Now are we talking about giving me nightmares or Nightmare Cookies?
The GSC family is never disappointing. I have some Beautiful Nightmare (sativa) so maybe I’ll have to slap some #nugporn up since I’m too creeped out sleep 🤣


Hahaha! I’ll keep a look out 👀



bro nightmare cookies will stop nightmares for sure 👌

great review! 👍


Thanks @indica! Just picked up a few new ones yesterday that seem worthy of a 🍩 rating 😆 much ❤️ For the support. I’m so new my ink hasn’t dried on my profile yet so thanks for checking out my content.