Cookie Budder (Hybrid) Strain Review

8 months ago


Strain: Cookie Budder

grown by Grassroots / Maryland
purchased at Euphoria Wellness / Maryland

Species: Hybrid ⚖️ • ~80/20 Indica Dominant

First GlanceZoom 🔎Poured Out

Genetics 🧬 - Animal Cookies X Face Off OG

Potency 🔋 • .21.2% THC // some batches known to tip 34% THC

The batch I am reviewing here tested at 21.2% THC, Test by Steephill Labs in Maryland.


Lab Test 🧪



Full Report 📝

• THC: 1.90% • THCA: 19.30% • alpha-Pinene: .17% • beta-Pinene: .07% • Myrcene: .35% • Limonene: .07% • Terpinolene: .02% • Linalool: .05% • Caryophyllene: .22% • Caryophyllene Oxide: .02% • Humulene: .09% • Nerolidol: .02% • Eudesmol: .02%


#TerpenesBenefits & EffectsAroma
MyrceneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative🍊🍋
CaryophylleneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation🍂🌳
PineneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Antibiotic🌲


GIF ❤️ Provided by @daddydaycare2x, a exclusive

Effects & Thoughts 💭

The Cookie Budder #strain wraps a fuzzy blanket around your head after the first rip. A very soothing and relaxing buzz that really starts to creep in after a few minutes. It has been a great strain for pain this week, but can’t quite hang with the high-powered strains like Garlic Cookies 🍪, which I reviewed as my first contribution here on (26 days ago!). Cookie Budder really hits with a wave of relaxation that is great for a lazy day or a great night sleep. It has to power to slow down the world and gently place you back into it. A truly calming and relieving effect takes no time wrapping your mind and body.

First Impression

It is certainly reminiscent of the cookie family when you smell and taste it. The structure reminds me more of the other parent, Face Off OG, which make the buds feel firm and crunchy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fresh and it’s dank - not dry. The texture feels much different than many of the cookie varieties that I’ve tried.


👅 Flavor & Smell 👃

Oh, it’s called COOKIE BUDDER for a reason! Fruity with a really wild spectrum that I can’t describe. A pungent skunky fruit 🍉 🍒🍌🍓🍋🍊 mix with a hint of ⛽️ Diesel. When you combust this strain it tastes similar to how it smells. It could be in the “Candy” category of #Cannabis. Very flavorful smoke and even better when vaped.

Mood ☀️/🌙

It’s a relaxing cruise after the first toke. I can’t hang with this during the day, it’s a night strain for me, no doubt. Calming sensation really hits hard when I vaped this one. The #indica is strong in this hybrid.


🚨 Munch Mayhem Alert ⚠️

This one gave me a major case of the munchies. I’m talking mega-munchies. Not a great one to burn before grocery shopping.

In-Da-Couch Level 5 😴

I fired a bong right before going to bed and I counted about 3 sheep before I was snoozing.
Next morning: slept like a stone and that’s unusual for me. I feel like I got restful sleep and at 6:30am, I’m ready to go. I’ll be switching to a day friendly strain now that I’m awake because the Cookie Budder is great tasting but also has a major couch-lock effect. Is there a snooze button in this weed? 🤔


Final Score:

Cookie Budder is a slayer of evening pain and shaves off the stress like butter. I found it great for evening & night use and I think it’s a great strain to kick back and relax with. Grab a lounge chair and thank me later.

Daddy Daycare 2.0’s 🍩 RATING

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 (5/5) + 🍪

this rating, like all ratings, is made up entirely. Cookie Budder earns all five 🍩’s PLUS a 🍪 because it gave me mega-munchies

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