Chem De La Chem - 31.2% THC - Strain Review (Maryland Cannabis)

5 months ago


Strain: Chem De La Chem

grown by Grassroots / Maryland
purchased at Euphoria Wellness / Maryland

Species: Hybrid ⚖️ • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

First GlanceZoom 🔎Poured Out

Genetics 🧬 - Chemdog x I95 • “a deep cut bred from Triangle Kush and a Legend OG X Stardawg IX2 hybrid” according to Weedmaps.

Potency 🔋 • 31.2% THC

The batch I am reviewing here tested at 31.2% THC, Test by Steephill Labs in Maryland.


A real Kief-maker.

Lab Test 🧪


Full Report 📝 Chem De La Chem:

• THC: .70% • THCA: 30.50% • CBG: .20% • CBGA: 60% • alpha-Pinene: .06% • beta-Pinene: .09% • Myrcene: .35% • Limonene: .60% • Terpinolene: .02% • Linalool: .08% • Caryophyllene: .28% • Humulene: .10% • Nerolidol: .05% • Eudesmol: .02%


#TerpenesBenefits & EffectsAroma
MyrceneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative🍊🍋
CaryophylleneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation🍂🌳
PineneAnti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Antibiotic🌲
LimoneneAnti-Inflammatory, Appetite Control, Gastric Reflux🍋🍊

💚 Cannabis Content by @daddydaycare2x, a exclusive

Effects & Thoughts 💭

The Chem De La Chem #strain is a monster. The ONLY one that I felt could hang with the infamous Garlic Cookies 🍪, which I reviewed as my first contribution here on The ganja ate its Wheaties!

First hit goes straight to the dome 🧠

It went right for my brain on the first toke. A cerebral, heady buzz greets you right away. If you are not into the more brain-blasting Sativa, this one might take you on a trip. A creative and imaginative, soaringly high, buzz sets in almost instantly.

It will take you, with all your baggage, on an upward trajectory to space. Buckle up, buddy!

In THE ZONE you go with intense focus...


First Impression

Thick coat of trichomes like it was preparing for an Arctic voyage. It looks like even the trichomes have trichomes on them. A true work of craftsmanship. Glorious #strain to sit and look at.

It smells like a skunk sprayed a pine cone that’s laying in a lavender field somewhere. A distinct smelling strain that I find hard to describe. It truly has a Earthy scent mixed with a light lavender and strong, piney-skunk.

...And the #trichomes look like they grew trichomes 😆


All Chem De La Chem Photos by @daddydaycare2x

👅 Flavor & Smell 👃

Skunky pine cones with lemon juice on it with mixed hint of ⛽️ Diesel/Chem in the middle of a lavender field. Very hash-like on the exhale and the flavor really expresses it dynamic composition. I find it hard to describe the taste, but patients can expect citrusy hash notes in this strain. It packs a whopping 31.2% THC and loaded on #terpenes, so it will certainly treat you to a trip, beginning at first taste.

When you combust this strain it tastes a bit different than how it smells. Very flavorful smoke and even better when vaped. You’ll find enhanced effects and flavor with low-med vape temperatures with Chem De La Chem, no doubt.

Mood ☀️/🌙

Alert and aware. I found this strain to take my mind to a different level. Great for productivity, excellent for creativity and writing. I felt like my senses were slapped awake with a cold rag. Uplifting and euphoric, turned up to 10 and the knob broke off.


🚨 Munch Mayhem Level: low

In-Da-Couch Level: extremely low

Energy Level: Very High ⚡️

I fired a bong right before going to bed just to experiment: 🤔

What a terrible idea 💡🔨 - I advise not to if you have kids or important activities the next day. It took me hours to fall asleep and I must’ve entered a time warp because a few hours past (laying there in bed) and I was just thinking the entire time. I took a few laps inside my head and got very little sleep, so it is not a evening strain for me.

I was google searching random questions late at night, like...


Final Score:

Chem De La Chem is a mad scientist with a 🚀 rocket booster. Strap in and hang on ‘cuz your ass is about to launch when you 🔥 this up. Grab a handle and hang TF on!* It’s a mindtrip and stimulating to all senses. It’s a keeper. Great bud structure, trichomes for miles, and all the effects and flavor in one flower strain.

Daddy Daycare 2.0’s 🍩 RATING

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 (5/5) + 🗺 (directions to my house because it’s always welcome!)

this rating, like all ratings, is made up entirely. Chem De La Chem earns all five 🍩’s PLUS a 🗺 (map) so it can find its way back to me because I 💚 it. This shit is rage-fire.


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31.2% thc - i haven't seen it much higher than that for buds, if it was much higher it'd be approaching hash levels. Nice lookin bud, solid reviews :)


That’s very true! I recently go Sweeties #4 kief by HMS that was 38% THC, so this flower is definitely up there! I remember when 20% was high.. Then I saw this article the other day that claims a breeder has accomplished 40% can it be true? that this Brownie Scout strain is the strongest ever?! I’ve had disposable vape concentrates that weren’t even 40% 😆

Highest I have seen and tried was 33% and that was more than enough to almost kiss the moon for me. 40 might be hallucinogenic hahaha


Incredible review yet again. Sorry I nearly missed this one. Sending now👌

Beautiful head shot too btw🔥

That %40 THC claim is hard to believe though. Nearly half of the bud would need to be straight goo😂. I could believe %40 crystals (THC heads), as the heads only contain X amount of THC🤷‍♂️

There is also a chance that the results are correct but are being read wrong. You can find a few YouTube videos on it, not everyone is trained well enough to do the math correctly on gas chromatography results, and even less so for high performance liquid chromatography.


Thanks 🙏 @herbncrypto, this one was a fun strain to review!
I am slow to review, but I am slowly dialing in my format and style.

I remember just a few years back when someone claimed 30% Tested THC levels and I was in disbelief. I seriously would’ve lost that bet. Now, 40 is being tossed out — I’m not sure what to believe anymore 😆

I need to look into high performance liquid chromatography, maybe that is a gap in the cannabis market to fill... /nudges entrepreneurs. With all of the hype in the media now, testing will certainly be undergoing some change. Might be opportunity calling.


Idk about 40% sounds like preferential testing treatment, if its that strong they should prove it via multiple independent tests. If it's legit then Holy shit that's crazy haha! Almost like a thc cactus!


Haha no doubt! We all have seen the ‘special treatment’ testing for product. I’d love to see a few independent labs get ahold of it, too. Man, if this 40% is the new benchmark, just imagine what cannabis looks like in 5 years 😳

I’m ok with 30s being the top of the chart. I’m not sure what level of HIGH AF people are looking for, but pretty sure 30% will get the job done just fine..HAHA
10 years in the future:
There’s some leaves on your THC hash cactus, wtf is that about? 🤔

Thank you for sharing, it is new information again.

Creating original content for the #cannabis community in hopes of eliminating the stigma that has been wrongfully attached to a tremendously beneficial plant for too long!<

You are right, we are the victims of negative information and even punished death or lifetime imprisonment.
#legalization what I want now after I know it's benefits.


We must all advocate for cannabis. It is important to speak to officials, governments, and world leaders about the benefits of cannabis.
The more we can understand, together, the more together we become.
Knowledge is power @lawlai 💚