Black Cherry Maduro 🍒 Review

6 months ago


Let’s check out Black Cherry Maduro by Grassroots

With a lineage of Black Cherry Soda crossed with Black Maduro, this #flower presents well.

It looks really good, however I have seen many reviews that express the disappointment that the #strain delivers. The common critique of this strain is the low terpene levels and potency, however, the batch that we are looking at today is accompanied by a lab test as well!

Indica • THC 0.10% • THCA 13.30% • CBG 0.10% • CBGA 0.10%

That’s on the package, but I like to put it to the test!


It has a very fruity aroma when you pop this one open for the first time. The purple buds really draw your attention and then you begin to appreciate this mid-level potency for the value it has to offer. I tried this strain out early in the morning and it hasn’t slowed me down at all today.

Method of Consumption: Vape & Combustion 🔥

I like that it has a super-dank smell, but the flavor does not rival the smell, unfortunately. In other words: if you favor the flavor, this one might be hit or miss for you.

It does have a light and sweet taste but I found it to be more earthy and spicey than fruity. I was almost sure I knew what it would taste like by looking at it, but I was pretty far off. I like that it isn’t very sedating and it does a pretty good job for a middle tier potency indica. Scent is strong, but flavor not as obvious.

Can you figure out which one is Black Cherry Maduro?

It is certainly not easy to mix up the buds with this strain in a pile of others, very uniquely identifiable. Very deep hues of purple throughout the bud structure.

Let’s check out the #terpenes


Myrcene beneficial properties

Anti-Inflammatory, Pain relief, Antibiotic, Sedative

Limonene beneficial properties

Appetite Control, Anti-Inflammatory, Gastric Reflux

Ocimene beneficial properties

Decongestant, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiseptic

Day or Night Use

🌞 or 🌛 • Black Cherry Maduro is light enough to enjoy day or night for most patients. Patients with a higher tolerance might find this strain falling short of their needs. It is not an overly-powerful strain, but it is strong enough to let you know it can ‘get you there’. Surprisingly, it doesn’t give me the intense munchies like some Indicas do to me. I find this strain to suppress appetite which is a trait that I don’t necessarily need, but can see the value in the benefit for maybe a patient that must fast before a test or surgery. I actually had to research the genetics to confirm it wasn’t a hybrid - it’s Indica and I would have lost that bet. After vaping this flower and combusting it, I found many traits I would expect to find in a fine Sativa hybrid.

Overall, it’s a mild to medium potency Indica that is great for the head and body. Not a bad choice for those who wish to remain alert and awake while taking the edge off. Does a fair job combatting aches and inflammation.

Flavor Profile for EMOJI ♥️ers: 🍂🍂🍒🍋

Flavor Profile for Everyone Else: it has a spicey flavor with mild hints of berry and lemon

Daddy Daycare 2.0’s Donut 🍩 Rating:

🍩🍩🍩🍩 (4/5)

Donut rating is based entirely on made up criteria like all other ratings 😆

Queue Some #Nugporn for the skim-readers


This batch was grown by Grassroots Cannabis of Maryland, purchased by a State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.

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It's funny because last night I was on the Grassroots website checking out some of there stuff.


So far, I have nothing bad to say about Grassroots products. I’ve tried about 7-8 strains and they’ve all been superb. I recommend giving their products a try. The Garlic Cookies 🍪 were intense!

Excellent review. Great work with it. The buds are definetly easy identified. That Mellow sedative indica effect that still keeps you active sounds perfect for a day of personal work and getting things done to escape the need for the corporate life. The photos are also excellent quality and show the frosty goodnes clearly. I guess people aren't satisfied with it for its potency because compared to strains that exist on the market these days the potency is around middle tier. But these Peppe also have to understand that not everyone is for those heavy weight hitters. I personally preffere a Mellow Sativa effect that boost me for the day but doest excite me too much and give anxiety bitly fastening my heart beat too much. Tend to happen when ai constantly smoke heavy hitters. That fully I was able to switch to a more Mellow street strain.

Drooling at the sight of those purple colors!

👀 — I Hope one day I’m as good and fancy with my reviews as you are sir 🎩


Must be that Black Cherry Maduro 😆
Thanks @potspoon! Your content and delivery is top-notch, quit playin!
I give all the glory to the buds I’m reviewing.
If you see me do a really short, low level review = the weed was too good 🤣
I spent a few years on Steemit creating content and this editor tool is the same, so I can do some post wizardry like a mofo! It’s a very dynamic tool to create and I love seeing it put to use. Your posts are on point, keep em rollin 🚂💨


@daddydaycare2x ✌️ thanks!


While reading, I was thinking the same thing. :D


Love to network with fellow creators and the fact that we share another passion makes it 2x ✌️😎
I’m lovin’

Damn that looks wicked, cheers