I need more money for better weed! lol

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4 months ago

This weed I have here is not the best. The flavor is funky and the smell is pretty fuckin strange. Not in a good way either. Kinda like chemicals or something idk.. But, it's what is available..

That dank weed is a bit pricey around here but it's really high quality. Even comparable to top-shelf from a dispensary in the states sometimes. Usually about mid-shelf though.

The price here is 100$TTD/gram which works out to about 15$USD. The grams you get here don't always look like grams though but since I haven't bothered to get a scale I can't accuse anyone of anything, just saying, the bags look a bit off but maybe it's because I'm used to dealing with larger amounts back in the US. All I can say is, the high grade is fantastic! I uploaded a couple of pics of some of the last stuff I was able to get and it was realllllly tasty.

Unfortunately, as most of you know, for a regular smoker who is used to growing and working on farms, 1-2 grams doesn't last very long. I need to be somewhere I can grow my own weed again! These prices are too damn high! lol (To be honest, prices really aren't too bad considering we're out in the middle of the ocean and it's hard as fuck to grow good weed here so it's probably imported and somehow manages to arrive in perfect condition.) Not being able to have my own cannabis garden sucks though.

I would definitely consider myself to be a for-the-flavor-smoker. It takes a lot to get me too high to smoke so I can pretty much sit and enjoy weed all day, hence, if it tastes really good, there isn't much stopping me from wanting to keep on puffin'. That can add up rather quickly at $15/gram when my income is largely based on what I am able to earn from blogging and day/night-trading on exchanges.

Here's the stuff I have now.

The best part is, it's pretty inexpensive and to be fair at about $35-$40USD/oz, it's not that bad and it does the trick. I've definitely had worse weed and even paid much more for it. So, I can't really complain.


Gets you high


Color, smell, and flavor are a bit off.

Overall: I have been buying it consistently for years with pretty much no complaints other than those three, but I definitely do prefer when we're able to pick up some of the good stuff and be spoiled with something high class. I MISS DABS SO MUCH! I don't think anyone in Trinidad has them and if they do, I have not even seen one single dab post or rig in a smoke shop anywhere, ever!

I need a job smoking weed and getting paid for it!

If anyone reading this enjoys my rants enough to want to make a donation to my high-grade fund, I promise to buy only the finest weed available with it :D

Here's my ETH address 0x6A06c26c4E227487ecCDFB81c9981D103753AE43 and of course, SMOKE donations are always welcome but I won't be selling any SMOKE lol so that wouldn't really help toward muh weed fund.

Thanks in advance for any/all upsmokes/resmokes/tips!

One Love!

-Crystal Human

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Nice post with some great content! Too bad you can’t grow.


Jah mon! It really is a bummer! Thanks!

They were pretty good looking and better will be soon.