Do you enjoy Cannabis with your Coffee in the morning? Tell me about it!

2 years ago

Do You Get Motivated With Cannabis and Coffee?

Let’s get rid of this lazy stoner stereotype! itself is a monument to what cannabis enthusiasts can do (Thank you @Stoner!) I want to know what you’re working on and how your coffee/cannabis combo helps you get it done!

I want to hear the details about your favorite breakfast combo!

Please, tell me about the strain you are enjoying and the brew you are having with it. I want to know why you’ve chosen the strain of cannabis and the coffee that you are enjoying.


How To Contribute

  • Write a Strain Review
  • Tell me about your Brew
  • Write about How the Combo Helps you be Productive
  • Use Original Photos or Video
  • Use CoffeeBuds Tag

Exception To The Rules

I realize that not everyone is crazy about coffee and there is a world of teas and healthy munchies that also go well with cannabis, so if you’re not into coffee, feel free to share your tea or whatever you like to enjoy with your cannabis. If you’re a cannabis purist, that’s fine too. You can skip number 2 and just tell us how cannabis helps you be productive.

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Most days I wake up and grab myself a light roast bean, grind that up and put it in the coffee press. While that steeps, I grind up a light indica or indica heavy hybrid and put a small amount in the bowl of my mini-bong.

The light roast has more caffeine in it so I always start out light, then switch to a dark roast later in the day for more flavor.

This isn't an attempted entry, just felt like sharing because coffee and weed are two of my greatest passions.


Whoah! Starting the day with an indica! I love it. This is very similar to my ritual. I prefer a lighter roast as well usually. I do a pour over, but the french press is another favorite method!

Glad to hear I'm not alone in my passion for the combo! I guess it's inevitable with coffee being the most consumed drink, second only to water. I hope you make a detailed post, it sounds like it would make a great entry!

I dont belive it. Look what I have been writing about this morning.

Coffee, tespoon of sugar and milk, half water half milk. Rest can be found inside my post.


Lol, you almost made an entry before I even made the post!

Not a submission.

Just posted this earlier on Twitter.


Coffee is my blood, when I sleep the white blood cell levels recharge but they can’t go too high to avoid malfunctioning. :D

Depending on the weather and other factors it really depends on how much pain I am in on how I start my day. This morning I started with some e-juice in my vape pen and a dose of tincture and a glass of water to drink. I been trying to lay off soda and I rarely drink coffee though I do like it, but making a whole pot to drink one or two cups seems wasteful and those one cup makers are too expensive, so I have been starting my day off with a glass of water. Sometimes I start off with a bowl or a hit of dab, but normally I dose two different ways to manage the back and hip pain and to be able to get my day started.
Then I check on my girls. Gotta make sure that since I last checked before bed nothing has infested them, can't be having any bugs or fungus infesting my girls. Then I check, sometimes I make a post, sometimes I am reading, commenting and curating. Once I have done a little bit of that, it depends on my day on what I am doing. I am self employed, and have a few part times gigs because not one of my passions have I been able to fully turn into a full time gig but I am working on turning my photography into a full time gig but till I have studio space I only get booked 3 seasons and that is only a few times a week. So I also make candles, and diaper cakes to sell online and to friends and family. I don't enjoy the next part time business I do but it makes me money so I do it when I need extra money not because I love it and that is buying and selling vintage jewelry, I am really good at it, I just find it tedious and not fulfilling. I am also my son's current ride back and forth to work, he is working on getting a license, and I can't wait because I am so done being an unpaid taxi cab driver.
I also make candy, I only have a few customers right now but I have one customer who buys $300 of Dark Chocolates off of me each month. But this is a new venture and each month I been making a little more from making and selling my own chocolate candies.
When I am done with what ever is on the agenda for that day I go back to blogging & commenting and curating on here or other platforms that I participate in. Before making dinner maybe watching a video or a movie maybe some steemmonsters and doing some more blockchain activities. I also have to stop and dose throughout the day because of the pain coming back to my hips and my back. I also suffer from muscles spasms so when I get those it is time to dose to stop them. So this is how my days look pretty much day in and day out. Which a day here or there for errands or for visiting my grandchildren. Doing what I can to treat my pain naturally and part of that is being self-employed so I don't have to worry about drug tests and if I will have a job tomorrow. The downside of being self-employed the upcoming recession hits my businesses first, and we are coming into a recession at least in the United States, will it be global, most likely but who knows stranger things have happened.

(This book is brought to you by the letter E as in E-juice and how I am hitting it like it is a cigarette instead of THC....I am currently stoned off my ass)

In the morning a few G is all I need without coffee :)


Before I started drinking good coffee, I used to say that weed helps me wake up in the morning better than coffee!

Morning time I roll a joint, shoot a smoke, enjoy my coffee, visit rudex, invest in Smoke, acumulate & hold and wait for the Market Bull !


Yeah the lazy stoner is one of the biggest myths ever!