Mariocart stay medicated / Godzilla review

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2 years ago

Hello and it’s Friday ohh man what a long ass week it has been. Everybody stay cool considering it’s the first day of summer and it is gloomy outside.

Ohh SoCal how immature and crazy are you not to be able to make up your mind or it’s mother nature’s vault.

So I went to go see Godzilla and man ohh man was it a good flick so much better then the first one.

If you have not seen it it’s a must can you I Imagine have those titans living with us? They consider them the cure for any disease that threatens mother nature. Are we the virus that is killing our own plant our own heaven and hell?

I’ll tell you what I think so.

Now hear me out there is plenty of good humans and ideas that we have come up with but in the long run we are at war with Mother Nature that’s just in our own nature itself sure we have wars with other nations but we are also waging war on our very home. Pollution, plastics, killing of animals just for the Hunt.

I for sure would be okay with Mother Nature doing what it must do to keep the ecosystem growing and surviving.

One thing we can all agree is Earth would be in a much better and safer place for its own creations.

Not having humans pollute and kill rainforests for sure would be in the most beneficial for all living love forms on earth.

So back to the movie if you haven’t already watched it, do your self a favor and do so.

And take a look at this wonderful shot of some fox tail and some bomb Mario Cart OG cartridge. Photo was taken by me of course and I think I am getting a bit better on these macro shots.

I feel connection when I am baked. Do you?

As always stay medicated.

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I really do not know what is going to be first thing that will kill us, heat or plastic. Perhaps mixture?
And that cartridge won't help 😅
Keep on tokin'!