Litecoin accepted at 'Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique' (and best ounce deal in Denver)

5 months ago

Not only can you get your $105 ounce at Lucy Sky any-time you want, #cannabisboutique

you can now pay using your Litecoins! #litecoin

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 1.40.26 PM.png

What's this matter, it's not bitcoin? #bitcoint

It's a step toward decentralizing power and putting it back into the hand of the consumer.

If you are local to Colorado, stop by Lucy Sky and use your litecoin to get the best deal in Denver.

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Love Lucy Sky and didn't know they accepted Litecoin til you told me, that is so awesome. I Love Lucy Sky, I love Litecoin. I'm afraid when I visit Colorado, they are getting my shitty USD though, I'm keeping the lites!

Hell yeah, Lucy Sky + Litecoin is the perfect combination

That is awesome, These are the place we need to target to get on smoke and taking smoke as a payment.. when smoke has more liquidity and volume but we can sell them on first in. Anyone else know anyone in denver that would talk to them?


Absolutely we need businesses inhaling that smoke!

Anyone in Denver wanna go advocate for Smoke?

Think they'll end up accepting smoke in return for cannabis in the future? 🤔


It's possible, but we'd need a more liquid market and probably a merchant service to instantly convert to USD for them.


I really hope they do, that would be a really nice step for this platform.


hmm, we could manifest that reality?

Or maybe we just start blowing smoke in they face till they wake up


Merchants who accept specifically LTC (also DASH) are in my experience generally rather open-minded when it comes to crypto.


Let's storm the gates!


SMOKE isn’t at a level of liquidity or “support” yet to take it to merchants. What if merchant needs the SMOKE to pay a delivery, can the market even support the value they calculated it for when taking payment.

Right now even $100 would have a big impact on the market. Hopefully we grow in userbase soon enough and can then start taking it to merchants. IMHO it’s too early right now and the risk of damaging our token value is a real one.