Pure Sunfarms - Afghan Kush

3 months ago

Pure Sunfarms - Afghan Kush

1 gram for $6.90 (THC 16.6% - Indica)
16.6% THC no CBD
Looks nice
So dry it just crumbles to dust when you break it up
Got 2 nice joints out of it
Like most LP weed it doesn't burn right and keeps going out.
Wasn't as bad as I expected, I finished it off and got a light buzz.

#legalize #cannabis #marijuana #weed #canada

Sorry, eh


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Looks good! I'm sure it could always be better, but at least you have a decent starting point. Sometimes we don't get anything close to this and must settle lol

Ah, just a few posts later you can see the difference in the quality of the other bud you posted in comparison to this. The fresh packs really do make a major difference!


I definitely don't like dried out and shitty burning buds! If you're willing to try it and possibly sacrifice a slight bit of taste, I've had friends that used to put their bud in a ziploc with some tobacco for a bit and it somehow hydrated the buds back up a bit. Of course they'll taste ever so slightly like tobacco, but that all depends on how long you keep them in there and how long you cure them back in their own container after resaturating them to whatever degree it will in the time you do that.