Fancy Jewels in the house

15 days ago

Oh em, effing gee!! Lovely earrings and canna embroidery top made by my good friend Reefa.

bw 11.jpg

Reefa is a cool canna chick and a female grower holding some fiery vibes and a girl with full of positivity floating around her whom I just completely adore. Looking this dazzling embroidery and super awesome stoner threads I couldn't help but get on one. I mean, come on! Aren't they lovely!

bw 3.JPG

This jewel landed on my doorsteps today and my husband brought it while his way back home. He is a big fan of all my canna shirts and even he wears them sometimes haha! That's the love connection that we both adore.


Coming back to my super stuff, I love them a lot, feels so lively into these and the year 2021 is gonna be rocking!


bw 2.jpg

This Super cereal bred by Chef Anna is so sweet, sugary smell. This nugs not only can be burned into smoke but also one can pour a glass of milk over it and serve them for breakfast 😁

Stay trippy! Stay happy!

#life #cannabis #cannastuffs

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Soooooo pretty 🤩