Smoke.Io promotion with Gleam: How to organize giveaways or contests on social media and attract new people

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3 months ago

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I will spare you the prolonged intro, an app that is ideal for any sort of the external giveaway on for example social media is called Gleam.

They have the self-hosted pages-widgets so it doesn't matter if you do not have a website where to place it, a link is enough.

People and companies on Twitter usually hoist giveaways with devices, smartphones, gift cards or redeemable codes for games.

For anyone who wants to attract new users on the Smoke.Io this could be a really good idea. It would be better if we could have an easier signup.

The website and an app is already well-known, so there is no problem in finding the proper audience.

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I know this app and i recommend it 😊 Its really good 💚


I know, I participated in some giveaways ( didn't won a thing lol) and I organised some too.


Happened to me the same 😅😊

A new signup process is needed before I will start promoting again ... have a people already asking me wtf and a few others have written it off already 🤷‍♂️


Yes I was asking in previous post could we have something like that, I saw it on the Whaleshares.


Last thing I heard is Baa has it ready and we wait on the Smoke Team for deployment and/or that may have been false information.

Still waiting for any “official” word on the subject.


I agree, once its deployed we will have many new sign ups 😊💚