WoW !!! What a packet !!! I knew there was going to be a gift but ... ! A Big Thank You At Royal Queen Seeds Online Store!

7 months ago

WoW !!! What a packet !!! I knew there was going to be a gift but ... 

Hello fellow weed lovers

Some days ago i desided to buy some new seeds for my new crop and some CBD oil, and so i did some reaserch at the local coffeshops and at their websites for qualities and prices, as well as payment options(i wanted to pay with crypto :) )

After some quick search i desided to go with the Royal Queen Seeds website as i had good results from their seeds till now and i had a 10% discount from an older order plus their giving some extra stuff with any order bigger than 50Euro ( 3 seeds+Grinder+Rolling Pappers+Stickers Plus free post and all with crypto!!!! )

So i made my order for these stuff worth 50 Euro

Quick Ones!!! 


Deriving from Canadian genetics, Quick One is based on the original autoflowering strain Lowryder. This strain was created by crossing Williams Wonder, Northern Lights, and ruderalis. The ruderalis genetics gave the plant its autoflowering ability, which means it will flower automatically without a change in light schedule. These genetics have given birth to almost all autoflowering strains available today.


RQS Quick One seeds are all feminized and, when planted, will grow into strong female plants that are ready for harvest in around 8 weeks. Some plants may take up to 9 weeks to fully mature, but that’s still pretty quick. Especially when you consider that most photoperiod varieties of cannabis can take 9 weeks just to flower.Quick One is a small, compact plant. Generally, it will not grow any taller than 50 or 60cm. If grown well, it can yield up to 150g/plant, and some growers have achieved even more. The plants have a fresh, herbal, citrusy aroma. The taste is mild but good, and comes with a pleasant physically stoned effect. 

Some Power Feed ... Cause of their speed i dont belive that i will have enough time to do plenty or anything at all

Using Easy Boost makes growing stress-free for both the grower and the plants. Easy Boost harnesses a gradual timed-release technology, ensuring plants are continually fed a steady and healthy flow of organic nutrition. It will keep your little beauties fed for 10-12 weeks, helping maintain and boost growth, which in turn produces better yields. It is sure to put a smile on your face! 

  •  IngredientsOrganic nitrogen (N) 6%
  • Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 7%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) 12%
  • Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 10%
  • Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%
  • Organic material 30%
  • OriginOrganic nitrogen By-product of hides Phosphorous
  • Bone meal 
  • Potassium sulfate
  • Magnesium Dolomite 


And some treat for my body!

CBD oil 4% is a medium-strength, organic formulation. Now, you can supplement with the confidence of a king or queen! If you are already familiar with CBD and find you require a little more than what's offered by our 2.5% formulation, this is the CBD oil for you. CBD oil 4% is derived from EU hemp strains bred for a high CBD content. Natural, GMO-free, and non-psychoactive 



And here is a list with all the gifts they send me 

  1.  3 Seeds Royal Jack Auto
  2. T-Shirt With Great '' Fuck You, I'm Proud To Be A Grower'' logo
  3. Amazing big Poster Gorilla Cookies
  4. 2 Sticker
  5. 1 flashlight with keychain
  6. 1 grinder
  7. 1 packet rolling pappers
  8. tipps
  9. 2 papper name labels for the new pots
  10. 1  mesuring pot

I know that its all small really cheap things but i loved them all and i am going to use them all 

click here for a link to the site... PS. i have no benefit from the site im just realy excited!!! 

I will start this week the quick ones ... its going to be a 9 week experiment... from seed to cut... 

if you belive the label 

Have fun





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Nice article. Good products.


thanks. stay tuned for more

Lol I would not wear that shirt!


On the contrary!!! I'm wearing it proudly!!! The rest are on the logo ;)

Keep us updated 🙂


i will...stay tuned!