Marketing post. What is missing ?

6 months ago

I have been creating some promotional post but i think i am not using the proper words and my post seems not that impressive. So i am open for inputs and would like to get some real good statements for promotion.

Here is the post of twitter to check what i am missing.

Twitter post : is a platform for the legalization of cannabis all over the world.
A #blockchain based initiative which pay for your every activity there.
#crypto #smoke #cannabis #cryptocurrency


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You need a related audience first. Using just hashtags alone isn’t the path to success.

Looking at some screens of tweets your account is mostly retweeting of low value announcements (airdrops?) within the cryptospace.

I didn’t analyse your followers but I bet you have barely anyone in the cannabis space following you. And why would they for the content you otherwise retweet/share?

Lastly... it isn’t easy. If it were easy everyone would make 10k link clicks per day and there would not be any struggle whatsoever to market. Nor would there be any need for people with actual marketing plans.


Well you are right. I have been using my account for mostly airdrop and announcements. Bounty related stuff mostly. And as far as the followers are concerned, they are mostly "follow for follow" kind of followers.
So your both assumptions are pretty much 100% correct.

So my question is how can i get cannabis related followers, i mean i am not a celebrity, so isn't follow for follow the only way to get followers ?


I pretty much guessed as much about your followers. That’s usually the case with accounts which have an almost 1:1 follower ratio and several thousands follows.

You can get cannabis related followers by regularly providing cannabis interesting tweets. I recently picked up an old account I had lying round [absolutely unrelated previous use] and in just by tweeting and also retweeting related content I’m picking up some followers every day. It takes time and effort but it’s not a difficult niche to make it happen in, people are very eager to follow.

I haven’t yet developed its “persona” though. First gather a minimum of related follows and achieve first few retweets. In a month activity on that account should be totally different.

You can follow that account here. Just don’t expect too much for nothing, it takes time and effort. Unless you spend on promoted tweets... most will initially go unnoticed until you have built up a related audience.


Thanks. All the points noted.


Good luck. Keep us updated once every so often about progress.

One very important thing I haven’t yet done with that account is to interact with related accounts. It grows your follows faster.

Depending on how much cannabis related you read, you may wish to consider making use of Buffer app and always have a queue of 6-10 related tweets pending. On not yet fully “developed” accounts 8-12 tweets/day is a good start if making use of relevant hashtags. You will soon see first follows come in.

Eventually you can up the pace, by having an hourly schedule and when your account becomes well followed, you can go to every 30-40 minutes. Of course, that requires the discipline of keeping your queue stocked. And may also require a premium account.

Pro-tip: develop a “persona”, a character. Don’t expect generic promo messages to work. Everyone sees those. Tweets with “character” are generally more loved. People don’t like yet another generic marketing tweet.

Get paid? Sounds too good to be true so probably is...

Remember that consistency and longevity are key.