How small is your smallest pipe?

2 years ago


This is going to be my last superlative adj question.

after I have been asking you ..

'Who me?' Yes, you!

How big is your biggest joint?

How lovely is your loveliest bud?


It's going to be the last one I ask.
Last one for the week..?

Last one for the day..?

Who knows, it might be the last one of this minute.

Next thing you know, I will be asking you 60 seconds later..

How high is your highest high?

'Pretty high..' you say.

Not that I not know.. but I will keep on asking.

Anyways, how small is your smallest one? Here's mine.


Not really mine, mine but you know what I mean.

Gimme more munchies.

Mo ❤

Who me?.pngGG4.pngloveliest bud.pngRandom bong hit.png

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My smallest pipe is not a pipe?
French absurdism?


I don't get what you mean.. Hahaha :D

Mine is just as small as yours, lol


Hahahah that's cool. That was smallest I have seen LOL

Woow, your pipe is sure really small, never seen anything like that @waybeyondmunchie
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@smokesteam community


It sure is. Yes, I saw your intro post! Hope the project steam goes well. Glad there's 'art' involved. :)