Pipes from my past

2 years ago

I was going through a box

When I came across some old pipes from my past. Before I knew better and smoked out of metal pipes. Seriously these pipes are super old and I haven't used them in over 20 years. These pipes are from my teenage years.


The bigger pipe is a pocket bong

It was great when I was a teenager as it was easy to conceal and hide. But as I grew older and experimented with glass pipes. I didn't want to smoke out of metal bowls as you can taste the metal when smoking out of it. But it was cool to come across a piece of my teenage years.


The small bowl looks to still be half packed

Though I am not gonna light it to try it. 20+ years old smoke in a pipe, gross. I didn't even know I had them still. I happen to find a small box with them inside while unpacking a box as we recently moved (7 months ago) and I am still unpacking stuff as I get new furniture to unpack the boxes to our things have a new home.


How do you get rid of pipes you no longer want?

I never know what to do with them and I have always been too paranoid to throw them in trash as people get busted throwing stuff like that in their trash. And I want to keep access to my medicine so I don't throw that stuff in the trash. And when I have a glass pipe break I put it in a bag by itself and throw it away in a public trash can. But I don't want to do that with these because I don't want a kid getting a hold of it. Maybe I overthink things.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 some where so Puff, Puff, Pass


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I gift unwanted pieces...


No one I know smokes out of metal lol I have tried giving these pieces away. Glass pipes are easy to give away not so much old metal ones.


I have a couple of old metal pipes. I still use one of them. I guess I'm just old school... :-)


I avoid smoking out of metal when I can cause heating metal can cause health issues if used too much. Plus after smoking out of glass it made me realize I can taste the metal when smoking out of metal and interfers with the taste of the product. Though when traveling I have a couple of sneak a tokes that are metal also that I use but over all that is a week a year.