Confessions of a pipe freak #4 Blue Claw

2 years ago

----Greetings from the fractal space----

----I hope you are having a smokey day----

I Welcome you to yet another Confessions of a pipe freak.

It's time to showcase yet another beautiful pipe from my ever growing collection.

The pipe this time around has been given the name "Blue Claw"

Blue Claw is the second pipe that came into my possession at Mary Jane Berlin expo in Berlin together with my Cheech and Chong pipe.

Unused and clean. Shockers. It is a part of my collection that just keeps growing and growing with no end in sight.

Just like Satan, Blue Claw is a glass pipe with a slim shape. It's name originates from its appearance as well. Looking like a multy shaded blue colored body with a blue claw on it.

The ironic thing being that the "claw" part of the pipe is actually clear. But the blue color of the pipe gives it the illusion of being blue.

-----------The End----------- (11).png

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Fucking sick piece! Just a heads up, Canna-Curate is going to be hosting a pipe giveaway tomorrow. Keep your eyes open in the discord for the post announcement.


I will do that. Thank you for the heads up.

This one is best so far in your collection.
The name fits in nicely.


Thank you ✌️I also like it alot. I did think of changing the name but decided to stick with it.

Invite me a pipazo D: I need some weed D: