Confessions of a pipe freak #3 Satan [don't call an exorcist]

2 years ago

----Greetings from the fractal space----

----I hope you are having a smokey day----

Welcome to another Confessions of a pipe freak.

This time I am bringing another dear and loving pipe from my ever growing collection. Shockers

The pipe I am presenting today is called... Satan

Yes, you hear that correctly. It's name is Satan. So before you call an exorcist on me (they won't work on me) and try to perform an exorcism, enjoy this post. Then if you still want to perform an exorcism, don't blame me if things start flying around your room. You will see now why it is called called Satan.

When I first spotted this pipe on Amazon while at work, I got entranced immediately. I knew I had to have it (my precious) in my collection and nothing would stop me from getting it. So I bought it. Even trough i was a bit low on money at that time.

My obsession knows no limits. It's an addiction and I do not plan to go to rehab for it. I will die however I die, while still ordering and collecting those beautiful pieces of art.

Satan is a glass pipe made from... well glass. Red and black in color. Its horns and eyes are what gives it that devilish look that I find so appealing. It's official name from the seller was Red Devil, for obvious reasons as you guys can see.

Just as most pipes in my collection Satan is unused and will stay that way most likely.

It took me a lot of will power to not smoke out of it and get it dirty.

So sit back, smoke some weed and enjoy the show.

-----------The End----------- (8).png

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hahahaha full Satan the pipe from today. But the coolest one til now for me :)

It took me a lot of will power to not smoke out of it and get it dirty.

You are strong man! I would smoked in it since the first day :D


Thank you. Wait till you see the next one. ✌️


Wait till you see the next one.

Looking forward to it :)


And I look forward to making it. I love showing them off. I feel like a proud papa. Hahaha they are my babies.

It looks kind a cute for satan...


Satan is cute. ✌️