10 months ago


As most of you know my husband @skylinebuds is holding an amazing contest to get some good ads for promoting! There is a lot of smoke up for grabs! If you have not heard of it and want to check it out you can find the contest and it's ruled here

I have created an image that I am in love with but the contest requires it to be in 3 different sizes. This where I need your help. Here is my original image...


Now here is what happens when I change the pixel size to the required...


Why is it all stretched? How can I get it to not look all weird? I really want to participate but I have tried a ton of things and nothing is working!!

Please drop a comment for things I can try! Thank you! I appreciate you all!


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Ah, k, the second photo was hidden from me for some reason, idk internets,
Plus the webpage seems to not like displaying it. Anyway.

That's a pretty drastic morph of a photo.

What I do is open up GIMP and make a 'new image' of 728x90 to see what area you're working with.

From there you can try to fit things.

This was the best I could do, obviously not your artistic intention, was just playing around in the 728x90 space with what you provided in the first photo.

It's still distorted and better if you started with the 728x90 canvas from the get go.


Thank you!

You will need to reorganize the images to fit the new Banner size.... use add photo for each item and resize to fit the banner dimensions.

What software are you using to create this? If it's photoshop, let me know. I can share an artboard PSD with all 3 sizes already ready for export.

In an artboard you can re-arrange the layers faster and more easy.

PS: It seems you are just working with different layers in one image and editing the size of the image in total. The problem with that is that all the different layers get auto re-sampled.


Thanks a lot! All info is helpful!