Playing with Fire While High - Homemade Jet Stove

2 years ago

A while back I saw a cool DIY video on making a little jet stove out of an ol' can and some rubbing alcohol and thought it was an interesting idea. Of course my sober mind would have stopped right there...

Here's the result of the unsober mind at work lol


For this little jet stove, Cut a can in half and then slide 1 end into the other by indenting two sides. This is also necessary for the flames to get oxygen and also to protrude out of. Add rubbing alcohol inside (you don't need much) and ignite.

Use a metal container (perhaps with water in it) on top and boom! You'll get boiling water for coffee or tea while camping or portaging without having to lug bulky gear or having to light a fire.


Only 1 picture would upload until i figured out a kinda easy (but nonsense solution)...Still having issues with consistency unfortunately.

Dr. Green Thumb

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