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Canon Eos 5D ~ f 6.3 ~ 1/2500 ~135mm ~ Iso320 / IZMIR -TURKEY- Streetphotography

Exterior facades of buildings, billboards, lighted, panels, cloth banners, digital screens. Logos, emblems, slogans gushing everywhere. Women were confident that their shoes were supportive of the brand label. The men were watching in traffic in a psychological hierarchy depended on the model of their car. Competition got hot. Unidentified enemy, collecting gave his own character. The unnamed Slaughter was at work. The humanbeing was worshiping the humanbeing. We were in a nervous universe. The universe has turned into a trap that is the sum of all the traps. Falsehood, deceit and prejudice were the foundation of life. The demonstration of joy, persistence bluff and synthetic courtesy procedure rose on this basis. The joy of delirious, the bluff of betrayal, the courtly murder was obvious and natural. Fear was the roof of cosmos.
Despite all this chaos, the show had to go on.!

Ben Ceren ,

All photos , story and drawings are belongs to me. @originalcontent - @originalworks If you like my works please resteem and upvote.. Thank you for your support and valuable comments on my art.

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