The Purpose Of Fear To Our Life

2 years ago


Fear can serve as a warning to mankind to prevent a bad situation or consequences. Fear comes to us when we are about to take a risk directly or indirectly. However, its purpose is to enable you to take a decisive decision based on the available facts. Misunderstanding the purpose of fear can stop you from achieving what you are designed for in life. Becoming a victim of failure in the past should not be criteria for us to be held captive by fear or imprison our mind not to take any chances again in life. I have spoken to few people and I found out that, their fear for not taking their chances in life is as a result of what happened to them or someone else who is so dear to them. This disaster has so much registered in their minds to an extent that it has suppressed their willpower to become great in life.

These unrealistic acts of some people remind me of the song called: (Shattered Dreams), as I observe many exciting dreams about one's future, lifestyle, family, business, influence, income, houses, vacations, cars, comfort and on and on and on, all been destroyed because of fear. The only thing that separates you from your dream is fear. It is very important to note that there is no perfect life or situation or circumstances, life is full of risk to an extent that you risk dying. So, the earth itself is a no free zone.


There is no guaranty of failure-free life here on planet earth. As far as life is concerned all things can fail but, the beginning of failure is the fear of failure itself. Not shooting at your target is a failure on its own. No one controlled by fear can get to the climax of his dreams in life. If you can sit down and ask yourself what you are afraid of, you will find out that its nothing but, the way you will feel if you fail. The disgrace, shame, pains or embarrassment. Fear builds up from your self-love, preservation or pity but, the reality is that you are just been protective of your emotion, you are not afraid of anything. Your perceptions, interpretation and the manner in which your passive things determine your fear. Please permit me to say that fear is a choice based on one's level of interpretation of facts.

Well, I have come in contact with people who are not afraid of anything, be it death, prison, threats etc. They always remain confidently adamant, courageous even when their action can possibly lead to their own death. After all, being a good soldier requires that you will lose your fear for death and this can easily be achieved by facing your fears in life, once done then you have conquered it completely. Personally speaking, I believe that nothing is worth fearing to the extent of holding you captive. Life is all about what you can, and cannot control, so learn to put in their place, whatever you cannot control and trust God to handle it


Some people believe in “play safe” in every situation, this is okay but, it has its own lapses because if you are often fund of avoiding any form of lost in life, you will not gain. If your thoughts are often based on what can possibly go wrong all the time, it will prevent you from taking a move or acting accordingly, which implies that you will not move in life, you will not become that person you are destined to be, you will not be able to provide possible solutions to your environment and the world as a whole. Time and events have proven that even the best things in life could all end up wrong. The best careers, business, plans, choices, intentions, relationship, marriage, and friendships, can all end up wrong. Everything in life has a built-in potential for regrets.

Being great and successful in life requires that one must break out of the grip of fear and do what you have to do. You have to resolve within your mind to break out from the confinement of fear and embrace all possibilities of success. Consider also, that your current place of stay is not risk-free and move on. There is no point thinking that you are secured in an insecure place. If you are looking for security then keep moving upward and forward else, what you think or called secured place or platform is a mere illusion. If you are in doubt of what am saying then let's consider certain conditions. What is the possibility of losing your job, a client, your business etc? To my own understanding, being comfortable or complacent in a place for a very long time without new inventions, innovations, ideas, and strategies is very risky.

It is time to go higher, time to move up and earn more, time to do more than expected, time to shine brighter and build more communities even on this smoke platform, it is time you work into your glory. It is time to work out of mediocrity that you have gotten used to over the years. It is time to work out of that average way of thinking and become smarter in our choices and reasoning. You are bigger, better, and can do more and earn more than this. Say no to that small way of reasoning and become greater than you might shine brighter than where you are now. It is time!!!

Please, have a rethink on this and have a nice time.

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Very nice read.
If you play it "safe", then you will achieve safe results. E.g:

  • Invest 3% a year & get only 3% a year
  • Don't approach girls & never meet any
  • ...

And as you mentioned those results aren't even what people that play it "safe" want. Of course they want big results but they seem to not want them enough!


You are right @nathansternx Thanks for your upvote. I appreciate.

Toss a little cannabis into the mix!


Fear is the most natural response in the world to anything.
Everyone handles it differently.
Some people get tough.
Some people fight.
Some people stand up.
Some take action.
Some become passive.
Some sit.
Some kneel.
Some quit.
Some run.

Above all though. Fear is the driving force in our lives.
Fear means you care.
Self-preservation exists in us all and fear is the main motivator.

It's true though. As you stated.

Fear can serve as a warning to mankind to prevent a bad situation or consequences.

You're absolutely right.
Sometimes fear is a precursor to a chain of negative events unfolding and we should heed it's warning as such.
Intuition is within us all and sometimes that "gut feeling" is the one you should respect the most.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Peace and Love!

P.S. - If you could, in the future, try to maybe incorporate an aspect of cannabis into your posts? :P
I think most things in life can correlate to another idea or concept easily. I'd like to see more of your ideology on cannabis and how you can apply that to what you post and the concepts you present. :)
You could say, relate this post to those who are unsure about the newly found legal cannabis markets! They fear that they will have legal troubles in the future due to the uncertainty of the cannabis laws and how they'll be conducted and enforced, but if they take that risk, the rewards are plentiful for them!

Just something to think about. :)


Thanks, @howhigh I appreciate the fact that you took your time to read through and not only make some comments but you made reasonable suggestion with an example. That is very kind of you, I will look into it. Thanks a lot.


Of course! Just wanna see you be as successful as you can be here!
No reason why a small factor should inhibit your growth! I find that it's easy to just incorporate some aspect of the cannabis world into any given situation and then it makes it relevant to the subject matter this platform is meant for. Obviously don't reach to try and make things fit.. But find something that transitions smoothly into the story/information and provides a cannabis aspect. :)

Also, if you wouldn't mind. Please cite your sources for pictures and such!