Young men robbed a cannabis shop and accidentally stole an oregano jars

2 years ago


Young people who broke into the Cannabis shop in Colorado broke the front door with a stolen vehicle and managed to escape with a jar of green. Although cannabis has not been stolen from the scene, the damage caused by the robbers to the front of the store is estimated at several thousand dollars.

Incidents of hacking are considered a relatively common type of crime in the United States, and when it comes to businesses such as cannabis stores, which by their legal status have to be run in cash only, such events are not too far-fetched in the long run.At the beginning of the month, one of those burglaries went into the headlines after a group of failed robbers tried to rob a shop in Canada and was smuggled out by Bang Man and  his huge bang, when the entire incident was recorded on the store's security cameras.This week, a different kind of burglary took place in a store in the state of Colorado, which, although much more successful as a burglary, did not really achieve the desired result, and perhaps even failed even more amusingly.

Robbery Style GTA - For Oregano

Around 1 pm on Wednesday night, a group of young people between the ages of 18 and 20, traveling together in a large vehicle that later turned out to be a stolen vehicle taken from its owners in the town, arrived at the Cannabis shop in the town of Colorado Springs.According to eyewitnesses who were present, the youngsters carried out a quick "Smash and Grab" operation. They drove with the stolen vehicle and collided violently in the window of the shop as they crushed the large security door at the entrance and removed its frame from its hinges.Immediately after the crash, the young men left the car and went into the store, and after about two minutes they fled with a large jar. The young men left the shop on foot, ran a short distance, and all fled with another friend who was waiting nearby with an escape vehicle. 

 The broken store. The burglary succeeded-the robbery a little less

At first glance, it was thought that the group of young men had fled the scene with a few hundred grams of cannabis, which could easily be worth $ 2,000 or $ 3,000, but according to shop owners who gave a media statement, the jar was actually a fake display jar.According to the owner, the robbers could not enter the locked room where the stock of inflorescence and products was stored, so they stole only the huge display jar on the sales counter, which contained a shredded oregano mixture.Despite the owners 'relative joy that expensive goods or flowers were not stolen from the stock, the robbers' damage to the entire front of the store is estimated at at least a few thousand dollars. In addition, an inventory at the scene revealed that the robbers had stolen several crates of shirts and advertising products from the store.Local police said the crackdown was apparently part of a large-scale burglary by a group of young men who used the same tactic to rob three other shops in the area.Although the police are aware of the group's existence, the identity of its members is unknown at the time of the last break, and no relevant information has been gathered to identify them. 

This can happen only to stoners

Good luck everyone on!

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haha, idiots. They still probably managed to sell some of it though :/


Totally dumb lol now they can open a pizzeria