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I remeber the first time I saw someone doing a type of tie dye. I was very little and my @psyceratopsb would soak his jeans into big cooking pots (pun half intended) full of color. Mostly black. He would dye his jeans completely black. One of those I still have. I was fascinated by that. At that time I wasn't aware of the fact that later in my life I would fall in love with tie dyeing. Taking a white piece of cloth and giving it life with vibrant colors and designs. Now, I want to produce them for the whole world and hopefully live of it. Right now I'm still new to it. With less then one year of experience. But I believe I have learned quite a bit in that past almost one year.




I may have only less then a year of experience but I belive my designs are pretty sellable and I have some pretty big confidence in my ability and quality of art. So with that in mind I have decided to open up online shops on Facebook and Instagram for start. At the time of the writing of this post they have not been filled with designs and opened yet but I hope to get it done and open by the end of the month. I will post the links the next time I make a post about tie dye. If anyone is interested in helping me build up experience and help me financially succeed you can get in contact with me on discord @ZuculuZ#5151 and we can come to an agreement. I accept cash, steem or smoke. I will most likely expand the number of payment options in the upcoming future as I get more familiar with crypto and it's options.

Due to marketing and publicity need I will cross post this post and future tie dye relevant posts on to steemit. Of course I will mention in those posts to give smoke more publicity as well.

#tiedye #cryptosmokers #business #clothing

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Is the one on top the one you made last week? I like your shirts and love your attitude.


Yes correct. Thats the one from last week. It took me some time to put together the post as life has been more vibrant itself lately and a lot of things take big chunks of my time. Thank you. I try my best.

Wow very cool :) I love all designs


Thank you. I still have more but those are for the store and fututre posts.


I wish you a lot of success @zuculuz

Very nice design and I am very excited for this beautiful and appealing and beautiful design and I love your work.


Thank you. I have more of them but I had to leave something for future posts. :D

They’re really beautiful. I love the pattern of the one on top. I had a tie dye in that pattern in two colors of blue and a grey. It was my favorite shirt. I wore it all the time until it fell apart. That was 20 years ago, it was a sad day. #spincycle #flingmode 😂✌️


I'm glad you like them. That on the top is the latest shirt. I'll be making soon some more that will soon be traveling to the owners. It's a shame that it fell apart. If you want we can make a deal once I open my store that I try to recreate your shirt.


Sounds great 👍

That's interesting.


Thank you. :)