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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style) for easier understanding (The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)




The Journey Home and the Scouring of the Shire

Before the hobbits return home, the @Ganja King @Carpediem, marries his one love @Li-Art and announces the first-ever Middle @Cannabis Earth Canna-Fest where he also appoints's newest witness @D00k13 to oversee the potency of the magical dabs being made by the elves that are forever to be known as @Jessica's Smotion as well as the dwarfs who are pressing some mighty hash and also forever to be known as Charas throughout all of Middle @Cannabis Earth.

The elven historian @LordofTruth is present and writes accurate records for this monumental and historical event. For his life-saving and heroic efforts, the @Ganja King bestows him one gold leaf chillum pipe that doubles as a writing pen, 100-packs of @Elamental's rolling papers, 2-kilos of imported Purple Haze from @DankofAmerica, a lifetime subscription to @HighTimes magazine, the first edition of @HerbnCrypto's Smoke Development Progress Update #5, and a new metal grinder from Lord @Indica as the crowd cheers wildly for him.

@LordofTruth, "I don't deserve this honor."

Chubby hobbit in the back row @Alexsandr, "That elf also writes about hot stoner chicks!"

During the first-ever Canna-Fest, @Psycertopsb drinks gallons of Skunkberry wine, and he becomes the life of the party.

The Wizard then rolls a giant magical spliff with the Charas and Smotion and shares it with his friends. After setting his beard on fire with a blowtorch, he lowers his staff and makes a bag of @cannabis seeds from @XXOXX magically explode in front of a crowd of young onlookers.

Female hobbit in the middle @BabyBongArtist, "That shit's ill Wizard, do it again!"

The Canna-Fest continues for 4-days and 4-nights with lots of free Skunkberry wine, @BBQ-Iguana, and @cannabis for all as well as some loud singing and crazy dancing.

Eventually, @Raz and his friends who are extremely hungover decide to return home. @Li-Art gives @Raz a @cannabis infused aspirin for his journey to the lands of @ChooseFreedom, should he discover the memory of his quest unbearable or throw up. Accompanied by all of their friends, elves, and the half-baked pony @Stoner, the hobbits start their leisurely journey home.

They first travel to the Houses of @BGW in Rohan, where @Luismy and @Adelepazani give @Stash an ancient water bong, and whose sound is said to frighten enemies and hearten stoners. At Isengard, they discover that @Ganjaman has let the greatly diminished @A4illusionist go, along with @TaskManager.

@Ganjaman, Yes, indeed I did, let the powerless old wizard and his assisstant go free."

During their journey north, they come upon @A4illusionist himself, traveling like the stoner-gypsy @DaveDickeyyall with @TaskManager carrying his luggage. @Psyceratopsb offers him one final chance, which he spurns. After a heated argument among the group, he gets one last word in, warning the hobbits that the Shire may not be what they expect upon returning home.

When they arrive at @ChooseFreedom, they tell @Barge Baggins about their adventure and relax while smoking the Charas in @Stash's new water bong. @Barge gives @Raz his notes and book, and at last, the four hobbits start their journey home, joined by only the Wizard because @Stoner the half-baked pony is led away by @Bundo the bulldog.

@Bundo,"Let's go @Stoner, @Barge's magic mushroom patch isn't that far away."

@Stoner,"Are we really going to ride the Golden Dragon or are you all bullshit?"

The anniversary of @Raz's stabbing at Weathertop arrives. He is reminded of the pain of his injury as he passes the hill, and days later it still troubles him. When they reach the township of @MrTree420, they discover the once peaceful town heavily armed.

Although the news of the @Ganja King's return is reassuring and almost speechless that @Carpediem is the @Ganja King, @Maxstrell at the @Smokeasaurusrex Inn has enough troubles to worry about. Thugs have been attacking travelers, and the @cannabis trade at the Shire has come to screeching halt.

The hobbits are surprised to learn that in the innkeeper's eyes they appear to be of royalty with their eleven swords and armor of the @Cannaweedness army, which displays the power of the White Widow @Cannabis Tree of Gondor on its chest. The following day they score some Gelato from @Skylinebuds and move on as they wonder WTF happened to the Shire while they were away?

When they arrive at the Barrowdowns, @Psyceratopsb leaves them to visit their old friend @Unnamed. @Unnamed is impressed with the courage and bravery of the once naive and stupid hobbits and the fire Gelato. He expresses confidence that whatever situation awaits them in the Shire, it's nothing beyond their control.

@Unnamed, "Your respect instills fear on all those who gaze upon you, and if you don't mind being on your way, I have a date with a @SmokeyKitty that requires my immediate attention."

@SmokeyKitty, "What's that on your lips?"

@Unnamed, "Gelato, you like it?"

When they reach the Brandywine Bridge only the four hobbits remain. They discover the gate is locked and a new hideous grow-house built on the far side. @Stash and @JoeSmoke scale the gate and get in, when a burly man comes out to meet them, but to their surprise, the burly man runs in fear rather than deal with the formidable and well-armed resistance.

@Stash, "It's true, we are feared, Holy Shit @Unnamed!"

The hobbits soon discover that @Manish Baggins has brought evil thugs into the Shire to rule the hobbits by using fear and force. Many @cannabis trees have been chopped and hobbits are turned out of their hobbit-holes while new cultivation facilities have been built that pollute the atmosphere.

The four soldiers of the @Cannaweedness Army of Gondor lead a rebellion and scour the Shire free of all scumbags and restore order. During the scouring, they discover @A4illusionist, still accompanied by @TaskManager, living in a boat by the river.

The fallen wizard is responsible for the disgrace and destruction of the Shire in the months they have journeyed along the road. @Raz spares his life, but @TaskManager sneaks behind his master and beheads him with a sword and is stabbed to death himself by the hobbits.

The pure destruction of the Shire is too much for the hobbits to take in. As @Plug exclaims, "This shit's worse than fucking Mordor!" After @A4illusionist's henchmen are destroyed and driven out of the Shire, the hobbits repair the damage. All of the new buildings and grow-houses are set ablaze while the damaged hobbit holes are restored to their original beauty.

@Plug uses the gift of earth from Lady Francesca to restore the land. She also bestowed him one seed of Grapenut that he plants where the great Jet Fuel Tree once stood for @Barge's 111th birthday party. The following growing season, the giant Grapenut @cannabis tree bears more nugs in anyone's memory and is the lifeblood of every growing and living thing throughout the Shire.

@Stash and @JoeSmoke build a high-rise palace on the east side of the mountains of the Shire and name it @HowHigh.

They quickly become the most glamorous hobbit-gigolos in the Shire.

@JoeSmoke, "It's all about the pipe!"

@Plug marries his one love @Michelleb and moves into Bag End with @Raz.

@Raz, still haunted by his memories of his community's quest, falls sick on the Ring's anniversary date of destruction and the same for Weathertop's. When @Raz finishes writing his book "The Lord of the @Cannabis Rings," he gives it to @Plug and asks his BFF to join him on one last mission.


They go to meet Lady Francesca and Lord @Ufaz, with @Barge himself, and journey to the elven lands of @ChooseFreedom. There they discover @Psycertopsb smoking some fire elven shatter while blowing magical smoke throughout @ChooseFreedom and waiting for them.

@Raz has decided to depart Middle @Cannabis Earth with the elves and reside at @ChooseFreedom. @Stash and @Joesmoke prepare to say a heartfelt goodbye to their best stoner-friend ever, and they begin their journey home with @Plug, @Psyceratopsb, and @Stoner the half-baked pony who did, in fact, ride the Golden Dragon all the way to @ChooseFreedom.

The very-hungover Fellowship journeys home.

@Psyceratopsb, "No more mushrooms for you @Stoner because all you do is pass the worst gas I have ever smelt in my thousand years as a Wizard!"

@Plug returns home to his wife and daughter.

He fires up some Charas, and simply says, "Honey, I'm home, where's the fucking potatoes?"



Please Stay Tuned for the next community's quest, "The Hobbit."

Note from @WRITER43: I want to thank everyone who voted and encouraged me to finish writing this monumental story. What started out as a great idea while stoned, ended up being more work than I ever imagined, but it also made me learn more about my own capabilities as a writer, and to the community members that I put into the story, it built some mutual respect that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Much Love and Mad Respect to my Fans! If you would like to be either in "The Hobbit" or the following "Harry @Stoner" series, drop me a note in the comments:)

If you missed the opening series, you can be brought up to speed by clicking the links provided below.










PART 10:

PART 11:


Compliments of @Li-Art


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These are great! One of the most unique blog posts on Smoke. Love reading your stories👌


Thanks so much, @HerbnCrypto, I believe has a new storyteller who has found his niche and home on this awesome network. I write for a living, so this is a great change of pace from the daily grind and allows me the freedom to get stoned and tell one hell of a story! Thank You! You will be in the next quest after "The Hobbit" a exclusive, we're taking on "Harry @Stoner and the Sorcerer's Bong" next!


Looking forward to it!


Taking on Harry Potter is going to require a lot of cannabis and time! LOL


Hairy @Stoner hahaha


Should be a blast! LOL @Realkiki85 will be resurrected from the dead 4-sure:D

Death by hobbits... Sweet.

Can't wait for the next adventure!


It had to end somewhere? LOL Thanks so much, it's been a great ride, and "The Hobbit" should end the quest nicely:)

Sorry for the late comment brother.

You are awesome man, great story telling ...very entertaining!

Though I am no king,I am honored to be the Cannabis King and bring the mighty Charas to the realm.

Thanks for great laughs!
Looking forward for your next smoke sesh with the keyboard.


Thanks bro!

Is it time for Harry Potter now? 🤓


We have The Hobbit next which is just a short story, then as you requested, we're taking on Harry Potter, and @Zuculuz will have a good role in the story:)


Oh wow. Can't wait 😮😍