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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style) for easier understanding (The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)




BOOK FIVE: CHAPTER 1, PART 9; Minas Tirith and the Siege of Gondor

@Psyceratopsb and @JoeSmoke ride @BongRipper427 throughout the night, stopping only to smoke the imported Purple Haze from @DankofAmerica. Their destination is Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. Three days have passed since @JoeSmoke looked into the @Ganja Stone. As they ride, @Psyceratopsb hears beacons calling Rohan to aid the city, he raises his staff and answers the call with a light that illuminates all of Middle @Cannabis Earth.

At dawn, they enter the city and find their way through its seven gates that encircle the White Tower and the seat of @CurationBro, Steward of Gondor. @CurationBro questions @JoeSmoke about his son @Realkiki85's death, and at the moment @JoeSmoke pledged himself to the service of the elderly old man in @Realkiki85's memory. When the conversation is over, @Psycertopsb and @CurationBro exchange harsh words, revealing an underlying tension between them that @JoeSmoke only half understands.

@CurationBro, "Hand over the imported Purple Haze, Wizard."

@Psycertopsb, "I will do no such thing, old fool!"

When @CurationBro motions them to leave, @Pscertopsb takes his Purple Haze and leaves to gather news and to take part in the councils of war while @JoeSmoke meets @AdrianSky, a fellow guardsman, to learn his new job and the city. @JoeSmoke spends his afternoon in the company of @AdrianSky's son @Pablo, smoking imported Purple Haze and watching as reinforcements enter the gates.

@Pablo, "Yo hobbit, that weed is ill, can I getz me some?"

@JoeSmoke, "Hellz no player, this shits minez."

@Stash, @Carpediem, @Armshippie, and @Bench are still amped on @Tecnosgirl's Skywalker OG Crumble and leave Isengard with King @Lilweezy soon after @Psyceratopsb and @JoeSmoke depart. Shortly after they leave, a group of riders overtakes them. They are the @Dreamon, @Carpediem's people from the north who are accompanied by the sons of @ChooseFreedom, and they have answered the summons of Lady Francesca to aid their chieftain.

At Helm's Deep again, @Stash swears his smoke power to the service of King @Lilweezy and joins his army as the new guardian budtender. @Carpediem; however, has used the @Ganja Stone, removing control away from @A4illusionist. His vision revealed that he must journey along the Paths of the Dead, so he leaves his last words for @Adelepazani and runs toward the lands of @FutureThinker.

@Carpediem, "I must lead my men into battle."

@Adelepazani welcomes their news, but when she discovers their plans to enter the haunted path she becomes angry. She firmly believes that @Carpediem is throwing away his life as well as his warrior's lives when they are needed the most; however, @Adelepazani has also fallen in love with him, but his heart longs to be with his one-love, @Li-Art.

@Adelepazani, "Return to me, my @Ganja King."

The Paths of the Dead start at a stone door cut into the mountainside, and all those who dare approach feel its chill of death. As they navigate the tunnels, @Bench feels the dead following, @Carpediem instructs the dead to follow him and as the rightful Heir of Isildur, he has the right to issue his command for their service. They exit the tunnels in the southern mountains near the sea of Gondor, and the Ranger leads his group and an unknown army of the dead into a war as the billowing dark brown cloud of Mordor encompasses the sunlight.

Back in @Dreamon, @Stash arrives with King @Lilweezy to recruit as many as soldiers as possible before riding on to Minas Tirith. There @Adelepazani tells them of @Carpediem's path, and King @Lilweezy explains the myths of the haunted path to @Stash over super-bong hits of ancient Alaskan Thunderfuck. As they talk, the herald @Relaylogix arrives with a message that's marked with an encrypted Red-Alert GIF, it is a trusted sign from the elven historian, @LordofTruth, it calls for Rohan's immediate aid.

@LordofTruth, "Rohan needs immediate reinforcements or all living will surely perish."

King @Lilweezy agrees to lead his men into Minas Tirith, he warns the men their numbers are small, and the next wake-n-bake has no sunrise as he passes out spliffs of his sacred Alaskan Thunderfuck to his brothers in arms. The mighty King releases @Stash from service because he is too small and stoned to ride a battle horse.

An old gypsy stoner called @DaveDickeyyall then offers to take the hobbit in secret to @JoeSmoke, but not before he has his morning bowl, the old gypsy has a nose for imported pipeweed. Meanwhile, King @Lilweezy raises his sword and prepares his men to live or to die in the name of their @Ganja King.

King @Lilweezy,"Life or Death in the name of the rightful Heir of Isildur, @Carpediem!"

@JoeSmoke spends most of his day smoking the imported Purple Haze from @DankofAmerica as a tower guard standing near @Dreamon while @CurationBro talks to @Psyceratopsb and his other counselors of war. During sunset, @JoeSmoke sees a small group of riders trying to approach the city while five winged Black @EasyRider Knights attack them. @Psyceratopsb comes to their rescue, driving the Black @EasyRider Knights away, then escorts @Luismy into his father's presence.

In @CurationBro's presence, he tells of his meeting with @Raz, the Wizard seems to be frightened by @Raz's chosen path; however, @CurationBro is upset with @Luismy and jealous of the respect his son shows toward the Wizard. The next morning arrives, the morning with no wake-n-bake or sunrise.

@CurationBro sends the exhausted @Luismy back into the battlefield. Soon, tower guards on the city's walls can hear and see loud explosions. When the enemy overpowers them, the army retreats to the city, they carve their way through droves of orcs and carry @Luismy's unconscious body with them.

The city becomes surrounded on all sides and all roads are blocked by the enemy, including the main road leading into Rohan. The enemy begins to launch missiles of molten Hash made with the Fires of Mount Doom into the city. Some explode and cause significant casualties while other projectiles are the heads of soldiers who have perished on the battlefields. Combined with the cries of the Black @EasyRider Knights, these war tactics soon stun the defenders.

"I can smell imported weed from @DankofAmerica and soon to be - very dead hobbits!"

During the siege, @CurationBro, sits next to the dying @Luismy, and @Psyceratopsb takes command of the city. As soon as the assault on the gates begins, @CurationBro orders his son carried to the tombs, where he is prepared to be burned alive with his son before the city falls.

@JoeSmoke races to find @Psyceratopsb, discovering the Wizard facing the Lord of the Black @EasyRider Knights. As soon as the Witchking @Alibi prepares to strike, a cock crows, and Rohan's horns can be heard in the distance.

Four day's ride from @Dreamon, @Stash feels like a neglected hobbit-pipe among the Rohirrim who have made camp to regroup and have a power smoke sesh while they figure out what to do with the enemy who's blocking the roads.

@CryptoSmokers, a tribe of wild stoners offers to lead them around the orcs by a secret passageway. As they draw near the battlefield, the wind suddenly shifts, and the morning dawn jets through the outer edges of Mordor's cloud. An explosion and flash signify the downfall of the gates; however, King @Lilweezy answers the horns of Rohan while staring death in its face.

King @Lilweezy's army attacks the unsuspecting enemy from behind, smoking spliffs as they ride into battle whether to live or to die - in the name of their @Ganja King.



Please Stay Tuned for Book 5, Chapter 2, The Battle of Pelennor Fields to the Black Gate.


If you missed the opening series, you can be brought up to speed by clicking the links provided below.











To my fans, thank you for your support and encouragement to finish writing this monumental community’s quest, and @Li-Art for her amazing artwork!


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Yes, a lot of people missed this one due to a ton of posts directly after mine trying to sell shit, it pushed it way down the list. At least you know who your one-love is now:) LOL


Yes my Decentralized Digital Fantasy love been found! :) Woohoo